Sunday, May 17, 2009


The perfect top for the lazy days. Just slip on this comfy and airy top and a pair of denim shorts or jeans, and your favourite pair of flats. Lounge around in your local Starbucks and check out Shopping Critique with the wifi! Tee hee.

Sometimes, we just need an uber vintage bag to dress up a modern outfit. My favourite combination? A pair of your most well-fitting jeans, a baby tee, and this vintage sling bag. Check out the pointy flap and the tan trimmings. Absolutely cool. 

Not a great fan of them super high heels, but I definitely appreciate a beautiful pair of heels. These shiny snakeskin (faux, of course!) peep toed pumps are definitely a heavenly creation. This will look so good with a plain designed dress that's just screaming to be accessorized. If you want to be a little more subtle, wear them with jeans and show off those long legs (thanks to four point freaking two five inches!!). If you wear these to the clubs, your feet will be getting more attention than your upper body thanks to the shine. xD

You absolutely have to check out the various ways they have of wearing this polka dotted thing! I don't even know what to call it, because you can wear it as a top, a dress, a skirt...and what differentiates this smocked tube from other smocked tubes is that you can tie it at the back for some sexy show of skin (if you're wearing it just as a dress, that is). 

I love reading books. :D Any kind of books, really, so long as it's not non-fiction. I have tonnes of bookmarks, but I definitely don't have a metal one like this! This would adorn my book just nicely, seeing as it's so shiny and pretty. Such a cute chair there. Speaking of books, I really need to get some more...

Simple intertwined tube dress but with gradient tones on it! They call it the shimmer dress. How appropriate! I've always liked the simplicity of these intertwined tube dresses, and there are just so many designs! Plain ones, paint splattered ones, shimmery gradient ones...ooh! The choices are limitless. As for this one, it's ready stock! So hurry and get your hands on it. 

Like this combination? Lucky you, cause they're both for sale! I especially like the tank top for its flower and leaves design. They kind of look embossed, don't you think? I'm having an addiction to shorts lately too...must be the hot weather. Oh, how I hope that I'll be able to wear formal shorts during my internship! 


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