Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yay for flats. I like flats. They're so much more comfy than wearing heels, but that's just my excuse for being a complete wuss. :D 

What I like about this cocktail dress is its simplicity and that random bow at the waist! Obviously you cannot dress this up with a cincher anymore, but there's room for scarves, necklaces, tights, bangles...the works! Go creative. :D

The classic white shirt has so many variations you'd be thankful for it. Imagine if we were stuck with just one design. The uniformity of it all will kill me. This one has pleats at the bib Victorian style. Check out the silver pearl-like buttons too. My favourite feature? You can fold the sleeves and button it up so that it becomes a three-quarter sleeved blouse. *big wet eyes* 

Despite the sweltering heat, we also need something to warm us up in the AC, especially if we'll be stuck there all day. Hello, over-airconditioned lecture halls and offices? It just makes extra sense to keep a bomber jacket on and looking stylish while keeping warm. This'll look extra cool on an uber girly flowery sundress. :D


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