Friday, July 17, 2009


On a long hiatus till September. I am too pooped out from my work internship. Sorry!
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soak Republic

Awesome silver and swarovski crystals make this necklace a real crowning glory. Now you'll have a crown necklace to match the crown ring in the previous post... :D

The Cookie Crew

Gone are the days where there would be only one thing in fashion. But I should be thankful. Now we have a plethora of designs that are in, and we can choose whichever designs that suit us and wear them. Remember, it's all about the style; not the fashion. One of the latest crazes (well, not so new, but they're still in!) are the dual-toned dresses. You have them separated at the waist, and at the bust area. Best thing about them is that you look like you're wearing two different outfits. Kind of like how we used to look like we're layering two tshirts when we had that long-sleeved top with a different coloured short sleeve...if you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, here is yet another dual-toned dress with a heart shaped collarline and kind-of-puffy sleeves! Works great for casual wear and the office too. Even has a matching belt!

Beautiful Disaster

Omg! Omg omg omg! I got excited when I saw their selection of fishnet tights. And then I saw their selection of these funky printed tights! Seriously, just kill me now and I'd fly straight to heaven. I haven't seen any of these on our shores (or maybe I haven't been looking hard enough) but here they are, and Beautiful Disaster has other crazy prints as well! This will go so totally well with those long oversized tees that you're crazy about now.
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Guess who? Did you miss me? :D

Kooky Eighties

Guess who's having a sale? Fresh from their Best Service Blogshop win by The Purple Journal, they are having a sale to commemorate their win as thanks to you lovely customers! And also, it's to clear stock to bring in more items, which is always good news to us!

My Vintage Garden

Skirts these days are just testing you aren't they?? How short can you go; that is the question. This looks really really short; I don't dare to pull it off! Well maybe with tights, I just might...but! It's chiffon! Doesn't that mean it'll be really light and the wind will just blow it up easily. Sigh, fashion, you are evil! *shakes fists* But yet so cool. Haha.

47 YKJ Closet

It must be the dawn of the rocker chick era, it must be! How else would it explain all the studs that I'm seeing around...everywhere! From cinchers to cuffs to skirts to dresses to vests to shoes...hey, let's have studded earrings wtf! Anyway, this studded dress is the first of its kind that I've seen. Better grab it and make it a starting trend!

Syiok Sendiri Sisters

I must be watching too many anime and reading too much manga, because I can't help but go, "Kyaaa!" when I see this crown ring! So embarrassing *blushes*. Nonetheless, rings have really evolved since the simple band around the finger, ay? Nothing like subtlety to proclaim your royalty than with a crown ring instead of a crown crown. Haha.

Phat Culture

Say hello to the studded vest! Yes, I know I've been MIA during the start of this studded craze, and I am just joining the crowd. So passe, I know. Don't think vests are a thing of the past, because they are having a comeback now with the latest studded craze! What a way to combine two good things together. Although imho, I wish there were more of the studs like Miley Cyrus' vest instead of just lining the sides of this vest! I'm awaiting that with bated breath. :P

La'Belle Closet

Here's a cute LBD you can wear to family functions and get the parent's approval without losing your style! Clean cut and so totally modest, but check out the back! A little key-hole covered in lace, with an uber cute bow to match. How's that for injecting some pizzazz into a plain LBD?
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your views!

Okay, I need your opinions. Which do you prefer, me doing reviews really often, but with very few words, or doing reviews not-so-regularly, but with lengthy comments and views? I hope you guys will vote and let me know!

To vote, just click on the Nuffnang poll on the right sidebar of this blog. You can't miss it! 

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Saturday, June 06, 2009


Here are stuff that I've seen and really liked! No wordy wordy comments this time; in fact, I'm only gonna post pictures for you to see. Yeah, I'm lazy like that. :(

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Monday, June 01, 2009

One word: Internship.

Today was my first day, and I am already busy as hell. I'm so pooped. T_T

So I'm sorry, but updates will be really, really, slow. But I promise to post up the Reader Requests daily. :)

On a better note, I just joined Twitter! Yeah I'm like a million years too late, so what else is new? 
Follow me *here*!

At least now that I've gotten this, I can still post updates, albeit small ones, while I'm interning. Teehee. 

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Friday, May 29, 2009


Now isn't this a pretty dual-toned dress? It has colourful polka dots, for God's sake. The studded cincher is really matchy with the dress, but too bad it's not included ay? :(  Looks good with strappy heels!

Even though I do not like the scratchy material of lace, you gotta admit that this is one pretty piece! It's ready stock too, so you don't need to wait in agony for weeks to get this beauty. A pity that the inner piece isn't included though. Le sigh! My favourite is the white one, but the beige one looks good too for a more vintage feel. 

I still don't like monogrammed designer bags much, so I chose this gold-blinged-Barbie-with-diamante-encrusted-chain-necklace to review! As much as I don't really like gold, this is kind of cool. In a gangsta way. Especially, if you wear this with a long rocker top with black glossy leggings. 

Pre-loved stuff here, but check out this kebaya. How many kebayas can you get for only RM25? Hardly. I'd like to get a nice piece and wear it with skinny jeans; it'd look so cool, but they are expensive, no kidding. 

Oh yays, they've finally updated and look! They included in a tank top, one of my personal favourite item of clothing. *big wet eyes* Check out the prints; they look as if they've jumped out straight from an ad in the 60s or something. Looks cool with mid-length plaid shorts!

Yet another must-have basic for the fashionista's wardrobe; plain sleeveless camisoles in monochromatic shades of black, grey and white. Though I must say this isn't too plain; which is good. We need some spice in our lives, like the buttons and the lace on this one. :)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Now I haven't seen this before. A dual toned dress with a lace top; and is it see-through? If it is and you're uncomfortable, there's always the option of layering. Layer with a long-sleeved top, or a tank top, or a halter, whatever you like. Just make sure the colour doesn't clash!

It's summer 365 days in Malaysia, so yay for the neverending supply of summer dresses for us. Since the weather is absolutely crazy now, I'm sure we all welcome the sleeveless clothing. I myself am decked out in a tank top and shorts now, phew. *fans self* But we can't wear tank tops and shorts forever. So bring in this cute sundress with the vintage florals and lace trims! It will look even cuter with hemp-heeled espadrilles. 

It's every girl's favourite word: SALES! That's what MOC is giving you, and this gingham heels is just one of the things you need to grab before it's all gone, baby, gone. 

Sky high peep toes in a variety of colours. I still don't understand though, why when there are a range of colours for a certain item of clothing/shoes/accessories, they are immediately labelled "candy coloured"? Black is certainly not a candy colour except for liquorice. :P

This one here is a little bit far off, but hey, almost any guy item available online must be reviewed! This graphic tshirt reminds me of a Franz Ferdinand music video, but its title escapes me at this moment...hmm. Anyways, this tshirt looks great with a pair of well fitting jeans, but no track pants please!

Are you a fan of Snoopy? My friend is. She'll love this tshirt to bits. Since it's a long tee, it'll definitely look good with the ankle length leggings!

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At first glance, this totally looked like a nurse's outfit. But a better look shows that this dress is more suited to the offices. Find it a bit too plain for you? Wear a cincher!

I like the red clutch. It's very lolita-ish, but yet has a formal elegance to it. And I know you girls like the chain and ribbon weaved chain. Looks good with the classic LBD.

Guess who's having sales? These skirts are going for only RM30! What a steal for such gorgeous preppy skirts. Hurry before you miss out on them. ;)

When I first saw this fairy Prada bags on Kinky Blue Fairy, I was enthralled by them. For once, a designer good that I actually like! I've never seen a long purse with that design though. I'm currently looking for a purse, and this one has a good chance of making my cut. Teehee. 

Bright floral tank tops for only RM18?? A pity that this one is already reserved, but they still have some available! Long tops are great for those who want to wear leggings as pants. Covers the ass to conceal that VPL - visible panty line. 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Edit: Attention interested vendors! They are now offering a 10% for all packages (Package A-C) in the month of July. All you have to do is email them the vendor form available *here*, and deposit 75% of the fee to their Maybank account. Hurry though, 'cause this offer is valid till 7th of June, 2009 at 11.59pm!

More bazaars for you to attend! Make sure you make a note in your planner. ;)

Dates: 4th-5th, 11th-12th, 18th-19th, 25th-26th July 2009
Time: 11am-8.30pm
Venue: The Summit Shopping Complex
Admission: Free!

This flea market is commencing on the first week of July and it'll be a permanent venue for weeks to come. Yay, no need to travel all the way to The Curve just to check out the flea markets! 

Also, there will be cash prizes and complimentary drinks for any purchase from selected vendors during the flea market.

They are currently looking for 80-100 vendors to participate in this event, so if you're interested, booth price starts from RM56.25 per day. Get more information *here*.

If you're feeling sceptical, here's the FAQ

See you there!

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Monday, May 25, 2009


You have to see their collection of necklaces; absolutely gorgeous! My favourite is this guitar one. It will look so perfect with a long tank top and black liquid leggings! You should definitely get this for some necklace variety; this is layering at its best. Plus, no need to buy multiple necklaces too. 

They have so many gorgeous hairbands I don't know which to choose. The best thing? They're all handmade with love. Also, they're all a different style so you'll never see someone wearing the same thing. This is just so perfect to dress up your hair without putting in excessive product. 

Here's a cute Paul Frank tie to either do an Avril Lavigne, or give it to your man to liven up his outfit a bit. A note of caution; don't make him wear it when he has an important business meeting! Teehee.

Authentic watches for sale. Here's one for the men; a Casio tank watch that's guaranteed to look good on any wrist.

More dual toned goodies for those who haven't gotten any. Gasp! What era are you living in?? Why haven't you gotten one?? If you're loving that bright red cincher, good news! It's included as well. :D

Choose from a range of statement tshirts for the cynical in you. My favourite is this one. :D

Now that design is almost a replica of the original. So for us who can't afford the real thing, we take the alternative which is tonnes cheaper than the original. But still as cute! Looks great with skinny jeans or by itself. :D

Wasn't there a dress with a similar design to this? I remember everyone was raving about it because it's the exact same dress that Cameron Diaz wore to some event. To be honest, I like this one so much better. Babydoll tops always score a good point in my lookbook!

Ooh, more sweet girly clothes for you to choose from! I like this babydoll dress with the really sweet blue and green colours. The quintessential summer dress. :D

If you love going to FOS to shop for clothes, you should like this. Branded apparel from factory outlets with prices slashed till they're so cheap you could cry. 

Something more office-like for the OLs. Here it is, the dual toned which looks so much like a separate piece I could tear my hair out trying to differentiate them. *sobs* The skirt part is very nice! Looks like a pencil skirt but thankfully not as long.

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