Friday, May 29, 2009


Now isn't this a pretty dual-toned dress? It has colourful polka dots, for God's sake. The studded cincher is really matchy with the dress, but too bad it's not included ay? :(  Looks good with strappy heels!

Even though I do not like the scratchy material of lace, you gotta admit that this is one pretty piece! It's ready stock too, so you don't need to wait in agony for weeks to get this beauty. A pity that the inner piece isn't included though. Le sigh! My favourite is the white one, but the beige one looks good too for a more vintage feel. 

I still don't like monogrammed designer bags much, so I chose this gold-blinged-Barbie-with-diamante-encrusted-chain-necklace to review! As much as I don't really like gold, this is kind of cool. In a gangsta way. Especially, if you wear this with a long rocker top with black glossy leggings. 

Pre-loved stuff here, but check out this kebaya. How many kebayas can you get for only RM25? Hardly. I'd like to get a nice piece and wear it with skinny jeans; it'd look so cool, but they are expensive, no kidding. 

Oh yays, they've finally updated and look! They included in a tank top, one of my personal favourite item of clothing. *big wet eyes* Check out the prints; they look as if they've jumped out straight from an ad in the 60s or something. Looks cool with mid-length plaid shorts!

Yet another must-have basic for the fashionista's wardrobe; plain sleeveless camisoles in monochromatic shades of black, grey and white. Though I must say this isn't too plain; which is good. We need some spice in our lives, like the buttons and the lace on this one. :)


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