Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Now I haven't seen this before. A dual toned dress with a lace top; and is it see-through? If it is and you're uncomfortable, there's always the option of layering. Layer with a long-sleeved top, or a tank top, or a halter, whatever you like. Just make sure the colour doesn't clash!

It's summer 365 days in Malaysia, so yay for the neverending supply of summer dresses for us. Since the weather is absolutely crazy now, I'm sure we all welcome the sleeveless clothing. I myself am decked out in a tank top and shorts now, phew. *fans self* But we can't wear tank tops and shorts forever. So bring in this cute sundress with the vintage florals and lace trims! It will look even cuter with hemp-heeled espadrilles. 

It's every girl's favourite word: SALES! That's what MOC is giving you, and this gingham heels is just one of the things you need to grab before it's all gone, baby, gone. 

Sky high peep toes in a variety of colours. I still don't understand though, why when there are a range of colours for a certain item of clothing/shoes/accessories, they are immediately labelled "candy coloured"? Black is certainly not a candy colour except for liquorice. :P

This one here is a little bit far off, but hey, almost any guy item available online must be reviewed! This graphic tshirt reminds me of a Franz Ferdinand music video, but its title escapes me at this moment...hmm. Anyways, this tshirt looks great with a pair of well fitting jeans, but no track pants please!

Are you a fan of Snoopy? My friend is. She'll love this tshirt to bits. Since it's a long tee, it'll definitely look good with the ankle length leggings!


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