Monday, May 25, 2009


You have to see their collection of necklaces; absolutely gorgeous! My favourite is this guitar one. It will look so perfect with a long tank top and black liquid leggings! You should definitely get this for some necklace variety; this is layering at its best. Plus, no need to buy multiple necklaces too. 

They have so many gorgeous hairbands I don't know which to choose. The best thing? They're all handmade with love. Also, they're all a different style so you'll never see someone wearing the same thing. This is just so perfect to dress up your hair without putting in excessive product. 

Here's a cute Paul Frank tie to either do an Avril Lavigne, or give it to your man to liven up his outfit a bit. A note of caution; don't make him wear it when he has an important business meeting! Teehee.

Authentic watches for sale. Here's one for the men; a Casio tank watch that's guaranteed to look good on any wrist.

More dual toned goodies for those who haven't gotten any. Gasp! What era are you living in?? Why haven't you gotten one?? If you're loving that bright red cincher, good news! It's included as well. :D

Choose from a range of statement tshirts for the cynical in you. My favourite is this one. :D

Now that design is almost a replica of the original. So for us who can't afford the real thing, we take the alternative which is tonnes cheaper than the original. But still as cute! Looks great with skinny jeans or by itself. :D

Wasn't there a dress with a similar design to this? I remember everyone was raving about it because it's the exact same dress that Cameron Diaz wore to some event. To be honest, I like this one so much better. Babydoll tops always score a good point in my lookbook!

Ooh, more sweet girly clothes for you to choose from! I like this babydoll dress with the really sweet blue and green colours. The quintessential summer dress. :D

If you love going to FOS to shop for clothes, you should like this. Branded apparel from factory outlets with prices slashed till they're so cheap you could cry. 

Something more office-like for the OLs. Here it is, the dual toned which looks so much like a separate piece I could tear my hair out trying to differentiate them. *sobs* The skirt part is very nice! Looks like a pencil skirt but thankfully not as long.


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