Monday, May 18, 2009


Yay for shorts in this scorching weather. I saw an awesome pair of plaid shorts in Padini Authentics, but it's so expensive it's illegal. This one makes a good substitute! Cuffed at the bottom, light coloured gingham, it's cool. :D


Ah, the basic black spaghetti with a twist. Great when you want to just show off your blazer/jacket/cardigan, and great on its own. This one has a crocheted racerback! The beauty of this is that you can wear it with anything at all. Especially if you have an extravagant bottom wear, this will fit just right in. 

Though I'm not sure how often does one get to wear cocktail dresses, I don't think it can be often (unless you're a socialite!). Nonetheless, every girl must have a cocktail dress in her wardrobe. A plain and simple one always wins against the extravagant one, as you can accessorize limitlessly! Take this one. Dress it up with a colourful cincher, and a short necklace or choker. Love tights? Wear it! Though for a more formal look, I'd skip on the gaudy coloured and patterned ones and opt for fishnets or black lacy tights. 

I may not like wearing heels a lot, but I do love my espadrilles! They're the easiest to walk in, and they don't compromise on the height. I especially like the casual feel that they give. Looks best with sundresses! This baby is a mixture of denim and faux leather; absolut perfection. No need to fuss with the clasp as it's a hook on. I also like how the strap ends below the ankle, thus not cutting your leg off and making it look short. x)

Oh. My God. When I saw this, I hyperventilated. It is so gorgeous!! I so wanna get it, but I feel guilty for spending so much...*meek* Don't you just love the empire waistline and the crocheted back? It's everything that makes this top special. Best thing is that it'll be just perfect for the office, as well as casual wear! Don't mind me, I'll be ranting a lot about office wear from now on. It's the internship. T_T

I have a good friend who constantly buys cardigans in all shapes, sizes and colours, just because she daren't wear sleeveless clothes on their own. If you're like that, then it's more than a perfect excuse to get even more cardigans in different shapes, sizes and colours! The best type of cardigans are the plain designed ones. You wanna cover up without covering all of your outfit, right? Choose from a range of colours that they have! 

Pretty Korean style accessories are what you'll find here. Take this four-leaf clover bangle for example! Totally demure, and just the perfect item to dress up your cute cocktail dress.

Here I am with my cardigans again. This one is pre-order though, and order's closing end of this May! I quite like the pink, it's so girly. Take a tip from this model and wear it with a tshirt and denim skirt!


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