Friday, May 15, 2009


If you thought plaids and gingham were very last December, you thought wrong. They were all the rage, and still are all the rage, it seems. How else can you explain all these gingham and plaids still coming out?? Luckily they're appearing on my favourite item of clothing; the mini skirt. You absolutely cannot hate them. Especially since this one has an elastic band , as well as functional zipper pockets! I love pockets. Give me anything with pockets and I'll love them. Okay, that's not entirely true. :P

Rings these days are becoming so freaking cool!! Round, silver, plain rings are so aeons ago; bring in the kitsch, random shaped rings, like this plug one! Very fragile, but too cool. I'd wanna layer my fingers with rings like these, ala Karl Lagerfeld. Except that my rings aren't vintage. They're cool. :D

People will always love charmbracelets, because you can choose whatever charms you like, and they're always so cute! I like the vintage feel of this; tarnished, brass. Makes you wanna slip on a vintage white cotton dress with this bracelet and prance around in the woods.

They have a whole range of colours for this mini skirt, but I think this grey one would make a very cool schoolgirl outfit. Yes, I miss my high school years. *sighs reminiscently* Unfortunately though, high school didn't have short grey skirts. I wish. So I'll make believe and pair this grey skirt with a button-up white shirt, knee high black socks and black pumps! 

Okay, how often do you see a maxi dress that has batik-like prints, and a bat-winged toga? This dress spells ethereal and goddes and oh I don't know, a perfect stroll by the beach? Even though this is reserved, you can still pray for backouts! Tee hee. There's a whole other range of maxi dresses available too. Hop on over to their site. ;)

Le sigh. I feel so hopeless lately. I never used to leave house without a pair of earrings on. Now I feel so lazy to dig out a pair of earrings that match my outfit. Is this a sign of growing old? Nooo...I am still young! I haven't even passed my teenhood. Nonetheless. Isn't this pair of earrings so twinkly and girly? It has stars, pearls, diamantes, and those dangly things! Very Korean style, especially when paired with an off-shoulder top and skinny jeans with heels.


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