Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bondage inspired heels with zips. Not to mention they're totally a replica of Jimmy Choo's. Standing at 4.5 inches, they're insanely high I daren't even look at it. Definitely not for the faint hearted and those who are afraid of heights. Tee hee. Best not to colour your toenails with a dark colour though; these heels are fierce and scary enough!

I've always avoided lace undies and thongs like the plague, because I hate how itchy lace can get (especially in the hot weather!) and don't let me get started on butt-flossing. -_- Well well, lucky we have assurance from MST that these undies are totally non-itchy. :D Not to mention there won't be any major wedgie. Nothing is less sexy than wearing sexy undies and constantly tugging at it to be relieved of a butt-floss. And they have it in white. *big wet eyes* White is the epitome of innocence. HAHA how ironic. Innocence in lacy lingerie, indeed.

Okay, this is just so sexy. Bustier top with a flared skirt! If you find it a little too sexy for you, you can always layer, layer, layer! Layer with a top underneath. Or layer with a cardigan over it. Whatever works for you. I also just love those gladiators the model's wearing. *envious*

Plaid shorts! Aah! So totally preppy. I would so pair these with a white tank top, layer my neck with long necklaces and wear sneakers. I'm a sneakers girl. So sue me. :D

As much as I loved Carrie Bradshaw's heels when I saw SATC the movie (how many pairs of those does she have??) I am absolutely terrified at the thought of walking in them. I still teeter in four inches, how humiliating. If only these came in two inches *meek*. Anyways, if you're most comfortable in four inches and don't have these, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? Go get one already!

Doesn't this just screams hippy at you? I fell head over heels in love with the crazy big colourful sunflower here. Off-shoulder oversized shirts are just so hippy. I'd pair this with a pair of distressed denim shorts here and high tops canvas sneakers! Bring in the braided hairband if you can. ;)

Enter the realm of the non-boring monochromatic office wear! No more wearing white shirts and black pants or boring black pencil skirts that make you look like Parkson's salespeople or any other salesperson at that. Now we have high-waisted pinafores and gorgeous button-up shirts that'll make you look anything but like a salesperson! It'll look totally awesome with lace black tights and white slingbacks.


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