Friday, May 15, 2009


Don't be boring and wear only black or white to hit the clubs. Try some design and colour; like this retro piece with huge polka dots! Has a low neckline to show off that cleavage. If that's not your style, cover up with a tube underneath. Shimmy your night away with this dress. 

Just like them dual-toned dresses that look like a top and skirt, these dual-toned crocheted dresses are all the rage now too. It kind of scares me that some don't have inner lining for the crocheted part, so I'll have to wear a really pretty bra. Ahem. But if they have lining, rejoice! I'd really want to get one of these, but I'm still on the lookout for The One. ;D


You know what's creepy? The fact that they actually looked like real flowers at first glance. O_O But of course, upon closer inspection, they're made of fabric and lace. Uber cool corsages, and although it seems a little weird that prom's going on in the middle of the year (ACCA students :P), you need not limit this to prom at all. Go creative and jazz up those simple outfits, or maybe even attach a scrunchy (not the rubber kind, those spoil your hair!) to the flower and transform it into a flower scrunchy. 

Y'know, fashion is a strange thing. We like to keep ourselves clothed in things that make going to the toilet such a troublesome thing! But nonetheless, it still won't stop us. We still love rompers like these, especially since it has pockets (love!), and a ruched chest area. Illusion of bigger boobs. *nods sagely*

Fancy a flowery skirt? If short skirts aren't your thing, these mid-length ones should be your cup of tea. Since these are bursting with design, I'd tone down the top. A basic tee or spaghetti strapped top perhaps?

Ah, Marge. My favourite character from The Simpsons, and I've always loved her funky blue hair! Pixel 101's specialty is pixel-based accessories. You can go to their site to see a wide range of them pixel pictures. They have a Bumblebee too, to commemorate the Transformers movie that is coming out soon! :D


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