Sunday, February 15, 2009


Choose For Less

Now why didn't I see this earlier? Hidden in the depths of my email inbox was this e-shop with a few delectable guy's tshirts. I don't know about your guy, but mine doesn't like wearing too flashy outfits, so graphic tshirts like this one suits him just fine. Now I feel like getting him this.


Everyone has their emo days. If you want people to steer clear from you, then wear this tshirt. But actually, I think by wearing this people will come to disturb you more. Tee hee. Anyway, wear this with dark jeans and a shiny vest! Along with heels. Peep toed ones would be nice. I think pointy heeled pumps would be nicer!

Iccy House

The ever basic spaghetti strapped top. Looks good enough if you want to wear it on its own. Also the best thing to wear under a blazer or a funky jacket, especially if the main thing you want to display is the outerwear, without suffering a heatstroke. Do hurry, cause this spaghetti top is only left in pink!

Hazel Mazel

I'm leaving, on a jetplane. Don't know when I'll be back again...not. I wish I was leaving on a jetplane now, cause I am so bored and I haven't been on a holiday out of my home for a very long time! Anyways, this plane-monogrammed tank top is the sex. (Heheh copied someone's signature statement). Wear with shorts to the beach side, or with jeans to lectures, or with a skirt to the mall! So uber versatile and looks good on everyone.

My Vintage Garden

If you're still in the Gossip Girl fever, get this tube top with the super huge bow on the neckline. I think this will look delectably elegant in a high waisted black skirt of the same material as the top. Then it'll look like an LBD! Add a string of pearls and a pair of red stilettos and you'll be good to go!

Frills Shoppe

I was this close to not posting this up because I liked it so much and didn't want anyone else to buy it. But le sigh, good things are meant to be shared. Damn I'm so noble. This floral vintagey babydoll top comes with the inner racerback top! And if what I see is correct, the bustline can be adjusted by pulling the ribbon in the middle. Looks good with three quarter jeans and espadrilles.

ESN Clothing

Knee length skirts are particularly useful especially if your uni doesn't allow mini skirts. Just feel the satisfaction when you walk past them security guards and lecturers and they're unable to tell you off for wearing something revealing! Oh by the way, the above probably only applies to me. Sad, but anyway, this knee length skirt is quite chic! Not all knee length skirts equals old fashioned and prissy, as this one proves.

An Old Flame

I half thought this was a dress by itself. Silly me! But I do quite like that studded belt. Anyway, focus on the blouse. Nothing like some red-and-white stripes and ruffles to get that oldies feel. I think this will look equally good with some high-waisted shorts as well, be it denim or black ones.
The Red Tutu

Every girl needs a lingerie inspired top to wear when she feels sexy. This one is no exception. Covering the right places and exposing the midriff with sheer material, this one definitely screams sexy. If you're not too confident to wear this alone, a funky jacket calls for!

Sugar Dressing

I used to have an aversion towards flat heeled gladiators, but ever since purchasing a four inch one, I think they should be quite okay! Especially if your legs are longer than your torso, you can definitely pull this one off without looking like a complete...stump. Looks good with bare legs, meaning you have to wear this with a short skirt or shorts!

Brown patent booties with a laced up back, instead of in the front. And you haven't even seen the inside yet! Lined with animal prints. Oooh. Wear this with leggings, then you can't see that they're leggings. Not exactly the whole point of leggings I know, but since I don't like them you can't blame me for suggesting that. They look equally good with skinny jeans and high waisted super short skirts as well.

Cat in a Bowl

I'll call this the LLBD. Little Lace Black Dress. It's absolutely simple, yet gorgeous! Heart shape tube and a flared skirt, alongside lace details. That extra bow makes this dress looks extra gorgeous, but I'm not sure if it comes together with the dress. Wear with purple heels!


Say hello to the 2-in-1 scarf. Skull prints on one side, and paint splatters on the other side. I'm a big fan of scarves, and this is just perfect for me. Wear with a simple tshirt and jeans or skirt and canvas shoes.


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