Sunday, February 15, 2009


Daily Shopping Therapy

Have a long hobo for a change! With cutesy knots at the side too. I know what my boyfriend would say about this bag though; it's so big, it'll swallow me up. But hey, that's what we girls like, a big bag to put just about all our stuff in.

Velvet Ribbon

They featured my favourite LookBook-er of all time, Woori G.! I so love her look; she can pull almost anything off, and she always looks so fabulous. It helps that her legs are seriously long. Envious I am. Anyway, this blazer is so awesome, especially when you want that androgynous look. Pair with heels and skinny jeans and some funky graphic tshirt under that blazer.

If you have all the possible designs of hobo bags, it's time to change. Let's break out the extremely-big-handle hobo. Gone are the thick, big-looped handles; let's have a clutch-y one for now. Not too handy when you're out for a long shopping day though; those arms will get tired!


Okay I seem to be reviewing quite a lot of bags this time. But really, how often do you have a square shaped bag? There are even extra straps so you can carry it like a sling. If you visit the blog, you'll see all sorts of ways to carry the bag. I like it cause it's a little androgynous.


This octopus cushion is so cute! But I thought octupuses had eight legs. Tee hee. It might be already sold in the blog, but you can always ask her to make another one for you. Nothing like something squishy to hug while you're in front of the computer.

Tic Tac Toe

I have just found a cute dress for the clubbing scene. Short, sleeveless, and with bling. Add a bow and you'll up the cuteness factor! Wear with strappy heels, big hoop earrings and pull up your hair!

Yogurt Barcode

This scarf is so vintagelike. You can tie it as a sash on your waist, a scarf, or a headband! So versatile, and it's perfect to jazz up a boring outfit. Like say, a plain white tank and jeans?


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