Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Chocolate Buttons

Well hello, here be something for them guys. The man cardi! So very Korean wear, and only guys with serious style can pull it off. This is recommended for the metrosexual who has a great body, as it's body hugging and shows off your manly curves - I mean, muscles. For the guys; if you're daring enough, this cardigan comes in pink as well!

The Shoplifters

More blazers for those of us who haven't gotten one yet. This one has more body to it than the slim fitting blazers I've always been reviewing, so I think this will fit ladies on the large side. Score! Try pairing this with a sleeveless top inside and a denim mini skirt. Unbutton the blazer, of course!


Though our weather has been quite the scorching lately, lecture classrooms are thankfully still as cold as ever. If you're going to be huddled in the classrooms all day, best be prepared with a long sleeved tshirt if you don't want to carry a jacket. Make it a cute printed one while you're at it, like this top from Drestres! Looks totally good with jeans, shorts, skirt, the works. Just don't pair it with an overly printed skirt.

Secretly Lovely

Valentine's might be over, but I'll quote this cliche phrase, "Everyday's Valentine's Day when you're in love." Whether you're in love or not, wear this tshirt anyway because the minimalistic design of this tshirt is so nice that anyone would fall in love with it. I'd wear this with jeans, a vest, and heels! Accessorize with big hoop earrings and a chunky bangle.

Little Miss Eggie

I saw this somewhere else and it was practically sold out! It's also almost sold out here too, so you'd better hurry. At first I thought this was a tank top and skirt combo; little did I know it was a dual toned top. This long top might still be a little too short to pass off as a short skirt for the petites, but I can't be so sure. Nonetheless, pairing this with skinnies will be a sure win!

Ancient Orchids

Is it sporty or is it formal? Guess what; it can pass off as both! This jumpsuit is so totally cool, especially the cool grey one. If you wear sneakers, I think you can wear this to the gym! If you wear pointy toed heels, you can wear this to the office.


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