Saturday, January 17, 2009


Oh, Popsicles!

Vests are coming in in all types of designs and shades lately. All the more reason for you to indulge in them. Some vests are designed to make even the plainest of tshirts look formal, and some are designed to jazz up your outfits. Take this vest, for example. It funkifies (my own word. Haha) an outfit, making that button up shirt look less formal than it previously was. Plus, don't you just dig that marching-band-style buttons? Very MCR in Welcome To The Black Parade.

Wings of Fashione

Here is yet another vest. Maybe I should think about dedicating an entire post for vests. Anyway, here's a colour you don't see often. There's the electric blue I've seen, but not this shade of blue! Furthermore, it's halter style which compliments your figure compared to the conventional slip on.

Dandelion's Kisses

Now this is an unconventional sort of dual toned dress. The top part of the dress reminds of tin foil, I have no idea why. But anyways, I like the toga feel of this mini dress. It looks right at home in the clubs, but if you put on a prissy bolero and pumps, it'll be just nice for the office.

Paper Box Couture

Instead of wearing a cardigan, why not opt for a pullover sometimes? Provided that wherever you're headed to doesn't involve basking in the sun, of course. I'm actually more interested in the ice cream, burgers, cupcakes and cakes prints on the pullover. *slurp*


What's the best and worst thing about dresses? The worst thing about them; we can't mix and match them like we do with tops and pants and skirts. The best thing? Because of the worst thing, we get to buy more dresses. But don't get me wrong, we can mix and match dresses. We can match it with vests, like in the picture! You can purchase both, but they don't come together.

Stripee Zebra

Those are giraffes, right? Or maybe they're llamas. Somebody enlighten me. Nonetheless, whatever animals they are, they're pretty cute. A bit like the mobiles on baby cribs, except these are on dangly earrings.

Chubby A Bit

Fancy going a bit retro with this polka dotted dress? In navy blue, too! Navy blue was in the height of fashion in the what, 50s, 60s, 70s? I can never be able to differentiate between those eras. Wear a white framed sunnies like the model, together with bubblegum pink lipstick. Nice.

Ancient Orchids

How's that for a different sort of bag? Instead of landscape, you get portrait now. If you get what I mean. So if you're not into the mainstream bags likes of hobo bags, get your hands on this baby. That is, if it's not already sold out. I'm so desperately outdated now.

Chic Damsel

Ahah! I saw a dress similar to this on a very pretty blogger like, a few months ago. Although it's not the exact copy, I think this is good enough! Halter, a bit of cleavage, and asymmetrical length. Heavy florals aren't my thing, but surprisingly I quite like this. Exceptions must be made sometimes.

Miss Nineteen

What is it with me and supershort skirts lately? My legs aren't to die for, but damn I've been loving supershort skirts. Are checks still in fashion? If they are, I'd love to get this!

Le Femme Fatale

Give a girl a Tiffany and you'd be sure to win her heart. No kidding. We girls aren't very demanding, a simple Tiffany necklace or ring and we'll love it for sure. This double-entwined hearts is just one of the many simple things in life we girls love. *smiles sweetly*

Delora's Wardrobe

Plain and simple, is what this dress spells. To avoid looking like a complete geek, have a more stylish choice of shoes, like impossibly high glitzy heels.


The "impossibly high glitzy heels" I mentioned above? I reckon this will go pretty well with the dress above! It's four inches of metallic beauty indeed. Way to stretch your legs to look miles longer than they already are.

Shoppink Queen

More demure dresses. It's white dresses like these that need colourful cinchers to go with them! As well as colourful shoes. I spotted a purple strappy patent heels from Mezzanine a few months ago. They should go well with this dress.

Cheap n Chic

Did you know that yellow has the psychological ability to make someone happy? Provided that they're exposed to it in small doses though. So if you're feeling particularly down, dress up in this bright yellow toga and a white denim miniskirt. You'll be sure to feel a bit happy with the colour, not to mention the attention you get!

Lollipop in Wonderland

When I saw this overly bubbled hem, I'm reminded of a fashion show I read about in the newspapers. The resemblance would certainly be critical had this dress been in a bright splash of colour. Nonetheless, I am digging the quirky feel of this bubbly dress!


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