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This is the lazy girl's guide to reviewing fashion. Post tonnes of pictures, but give one liner comments, or don't comment at all. And everything here are (almost) all the emails in my inbox. In this entry there are no favourites; just chances. Rest assure that this will only happen like, once in a blue moon.

Gorgeous halter! It has the CNY feel, but yet it's not too much, because there's no fire engine red.

Pastel Stripes

What's on sale is actually the skirt and leggings combo. They're not separate pieces, but faux two piece items! Just treat it as a get-out-of-jail-card by wearing a supershort skirt but yet it's not a supershort skirt.

Junkz Deluxe

That dress just spells quirky happiness. Like sunshine on a gloomy day.

Stripes of candy coloured goodness in one dress!

My Clothes Affair

An oriental cincher to match the upcoming CNY. Do hurry though, as only the grey one is available now.

Apple Cabin

Burberry on your skinny belt! What's next? Pair with shorts for the best look.

Phelauwer Boutique

That's the blazer for sale, mind you.

Monochromatic beauty in a simple office-suited dress. Pair with pumps.

They're a new pre-order shop, so there's only like, less than five items for sale. This high necked Victorian-esque dress is my pick.

The Dressy Dresser

Valentine's in a month's time. Give him hints with this earrings.

Very Burberry meets East!

Ooh-lala! Sexy bejewelled LBD for a night out at the clubs.

For the days when you don't feel like torturing your feet in heels, opt for flats. Preferably a shiny one like this.

And here we have an intricately designed floral cincher. A thick waistband to fake a teeny waist.

The Bouncing Bananas

Some days we don't like playing grown-up. During those days, we wear our childhood motto; Mickey Mouse! And prance around the mall eating cotton candy.

Le Femme Fatale

If you're a fan of Britain, proclaim your love with this awesome sling bag!

Their Starbucks tee was reserved too quickly! I'll have to settle for this old school radio tshirt.

The Kooky Thing

Ribboned top is the one for sale.

Eve's Closet

The cincher is the one for sale.

Tic Tac Toe

This will definitely help shape a waistless body. Just tie the sash as tight as you can go!
If this doesn't scream sexy to you, then you fail in the sexiness factor! How can it not be sexy? It has all the essence of sexiness; lace, bustier, and red.

Aphrodite's Touch
Brown bag with braided handles. Perfect for bottled water, cellphone, notepad, pencilcase and whatnots.

Yogurt Barcode

Sexy romper! Black, satin, the works. It's from Zara too. Mmm.

Jen's Closet
You know the Japanese love layering and layering. You can do the same too, with this! Best of all you can wear them as separate pieces. That's a scarf, dress, and spaghetti strapped top there.

Ai Shop
Now have you seen a multicoloured, multi-designed romper before? No you have not! That's why you should get this.

Like omg I saw this kimono and fell in love with it. Plain and white, but with the bejewelled band there, it's awesome!

House of Beauty

I'm not really into this overly floral chiffon puffy sleeved type of dresses, but you have to admit, this kicks ass.


Emerald green at its best! Very oriental, yet very English rose.


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