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Proof that our mundane uniform from the high school days can be sexy and stylish, with the right cut, size, and style. Why do we need to envy Japanese schoolgirls for their plaid mini skirts and prissy blouses with knee length socks, when we have our cute lil pinafore? :P

Dandelion's Kisses

Here's a blazer with a twist. Lots of gold buttons, all faux. You can button neither one of them, but from the picture, it looks like you just need to hook 'em on!

Fashion Edge

Or if blazers aren't your thing, you could go for something rougher and more casual, like this biker jacket! Ditch the black and whites of jackets, go for brown instead! You know it goes fabulously well with a white tshirt and jeans.

My Favourite

So they don't only sell tees, but also dresses and other tops! You know, clothes are all about feel and intuition. I only pick clothes which I like to review. While I really liked some of the tshirts that were sold here, so did most others. Which was why all the tshirts I really liked were sold out, but then I wasn't really satisfied with tshirts I settled for as "second best". So I look at the other dresses, and I found this! I instantly fell in love with it, that's why I reviewed a dress instead of tshirts which is what they're specialized in. This dress looks exactly like one would wear in a photo. The entire combination is sort of artsy meets urban chick. Plus I'm into grey now, so yeah!

The Bouncing Bananas

Say hello to boots with a twist. In our balmy Malaysian weather, one wouldn't be comfortable wearing boots for an entire day. We need our feet to breathe, lest we get an athlete's foot. So we have the perfect solution for you! I don't know what you call this, but it can't be peep toed boots. It looks like pumps, but with extra material to fashion it into a boot. This tan colour goes extremely well with dark jeans, so you know what to match it with.

Favourite Boutique

Though it has been raining these few days, we should stock up for the upcoming hot weather in the new year. I know, only one more month till it's 2009! So get this sleeveless dress in a flowy material, especially for girls who detest jeans. I have a friend who is always in skirts and hardly in jeans. When I ask her why, she says it's because it's too hot! But then there are the few of us who practically live in jeans. Okay, I'm digressing.

Round Bean

The blogger is right, this bracelet looks absolutely Tiffanyesque, what with the thick stainless steel charms and tiny diamante studs on them. Best part is that you can hook it to whichever chain link you want, so you can use it as a bracelet, or an anklet.

So Into You

If you're a great fan of tradition, I have the perfect Chinese New Year dress for you. Though not a traditional cheongsam, its redness is enough to have that traditional look! Also, upon closer inspection, there are yellowish gold flowers on it. Subtle, but very refined. If you don't mind pre owned items, this is your best bet!


This is the first of its sort that I've seen. First leopard prints appeared on our clothes, shoes, underwear, bags, and now, rings! Personally, what I love about it are the leopard prints (how predictable)! So different, and something new.


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