Thursday, December 11, 2008


Destiny Blythe

How I wish that apple was for sale too! Anyway, Swarovski crystals can be made into many types of accessories, but I'll definitely won't recommend a cellphone strap. Scratches the life out of your cellphones, they do. But for a necklace, why not! Especially one in a snowflake/flower/star shape. I'm sorry, I can't tell which shape it is. But I do love the pretty purple and pink colour!

Vibrant Swirls

I can only really tolerate plain kimono tops. I don't know why. They look really good with shorts and jeans, and if you add on a pair of sunglasses and wear espadrilles, they look even better! Must be that beachy look. Especially with those sheer kimono tops, just wear your bikini underneath and you don't need a pareo anymore!

Usually lace up stuff are so sexy. It brings to mind of a corset, with the laced up back. Or laced up boots. Why not add to the collection with a pair of lace up high waisted shorts! You could dress it up in a pair of funky coloured tights, like say, fluorescent purple?? Only if you dare to pull it off though! Cause personally, I don't think I can yet.

What I love about LeSportSac designs is their cute little characters! Very Japanesey, and you can tone down a formal outfit by using a quirky cute bag like this.

An Audrey Hepburn layout needs an Audrey Hepburn dress! Though not exactly like the famous one she wore in B@T's, this one is very nice and elegant in its own way. A V-neck and V-back dress, alongside a huge huge bow at the sash makes it a very good LBD perfect for dinners. For an all-black outfit like this, I'd suggest colourful shoes and bags to compliment the lack of colours.

Pinklace Closet

Bring sexy back to the clubs in this strappy backed purple number! Goes well with gladiators and a yummy boy as your perfect accessory.


Not much of a fan of floral designs, especially those which looks like dried flowers. But abstract, I like! Especially a colourful one like this. Love the wide straps, eliminates the need to wear strapless bras. And a hint of cleavage too, for sexiness!


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