Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Enchanting Hearts

The braided straps are making quite an appearance in the blogosphere lately. They have quite the Greek look. Combine that with a colour like this bright red and a white skirt, you have a Christmassy look! But ladies, do not be deceived. From the front, this top looks like a halter top, but in actual face it's a braided-spaghetti strapped top. So cool! Pair this with white pants, heels, and a chunky bangle, and you're good to go.

Secretly Lovely

How I wish that devil hairband was inclusive too. You'll be glad to know that the black spaghetti strapped top is inclusvie though! The whole point of this top is layering, that's why it's purposely so big, baggy, off shouldered and...transparent. Yum yum. You could just wear a bra and the jumper, but you might not be able to leave the house without parental consent. *snigger*


The masquerade ball is probably one of the most overused themes in the history of prom themes. Every higher education institution has been guilty of doing this theme at least three times, you'd think that they don't actually have a creative department in the whole of the institution. Nonetheless, the reason why they're so popular in the first place is because we get to wear beautiful masks. A bit of a waste for all that makeup we put on, if you ask me. But then again, we have the excuse of wearing lovely glittery masks like this one! I've seen a few masks in the party shops, but none as regal as this. So if your masquerade ball is coming up, you know what to get.

Dress to Kill

What brand is this crown-ish monogrammed design from?? (Excuse my lack of creativity in explaining) I've been seeing it quite often in my uni, and not only the girls are using it, even the guys! With good reason too, 'cause this design is really unisexual. For trend followers, get this!

Butterfly Mansion

You know how lately everybody's been "going green" and being all eco-friendly and stuff? Well if you are also concerned for the environment, stop using plastic bags when you're at the supermarkets and bring your own bag. Usually those big supermarkets like Giant, Carrefour, Tesco, Cold Storage, etc have their own bags for sale, but since those are so ugly, why don't you buy your own, like this one! If this isn't your cup of lemon tea, there are a few others for you to choose from.

Miss Capsicum

How quirky and cool is this?? A dual toned dress with the design of the map for the upper part! Wear this to the office and make your colleagues green with envy, because hey, you have the fabbiest dress! Dress this up with a pair of patterned tights and pumps or ankle boots. Btw, Miss Capsicum is having sales till the 25th of December! Who doesn't love sales??


Just when you thought vests couldn't come in more patterns, they surprise you with polka dots! Furthermore it comes in a colour that is not mainstream. So if you're not a fan of those vests which turn your casual into formal, get this.

Fruity Sensation

They couldn't have more variety of tights than you can ask. All at RM25 only too! This is only three out of like, the hundreds that they have?? If you don't want to look like stuck up office trannies with black tights and black pumps, experiment with a clashing colour of shoes like say, purple??

Heaven for Angels

I love my denim mini skirts frayed, 'cause they're very Laguna Beach. It also goes with almost any possible sort of tshirt, so you can rest assure that you'll have no problem mixing and matching in this baby. Add a crown on the pockets ala Juicy Couture (except that this is Victoria Beckham) and you're all glammed up!


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