Monday, December 08, 2008


La'Belle Closet

Intertwined tubes create the illusion of a ruched boob area making your boobs look inadvertently bigger. Good for those of us who are not well endowed. Plus, if you have great shoulders and decolletage, you should show them off even more in this tube dress! Yes, I do notice that this dress is reserved, but there's always a chance of the buyer backing out. :)


See what I meant about the vintage printed tshirts?? Here's another one, with a Coke bottle lookalike. Though it's not exactly an advertisement for Coca Cola, it still looks pretty damn good. It's tshirts like these that make me wanna throw on a pair of jeans and sneakers and add a vest while I'm at it.

Colour Me Pretty

How often do you see a zebra printed belt? And (if my eyes do not deceive me), a faux fur one at that! It may be tacky to some, but when worn the right way, it can be extremely stylish. Take a leaf out of this model's book. Doesn't it look classy when paired with this white shorts? You can do the same for say, a pair of white pants? It might work with jeans. Or even a plain white flowy kimono top. Belts need not be limited to belt loops.

A Lil Of Everything

Oh my God. I couldn't stop raving when I saw this monokini! Though monokinis were all the rage like, a few years back, they're like bikinis; they never go out of style. Plus, they're super sexy! Like the bikinis, they're also adjustable to your size, and I haven't even raved about the prints. Giraffe prints! Didn't I tell you they were gonna be the new leopard prints?? Well okay, I didn't say exactly that, but I did mention that they were going to be as popular! A word of caution though; bandeau bikinis like this don't mix well with the well endowed females.


Another dress for the office! Plus grey's totally my favourite black right now, though it's quite contradicting that I changed my previously grey layout to blue. But it's okay; a new month needs new changes. That, and grey is my current black! The flappy collar is certainly cute, plus it comes with a sash to cinch that waist! I sure hope the sash is detachable, 'cause I'd like to add a splash of vibrant colour to that dress with a bright coloured cincher!

Clothes For Fun

The weather's been getting a little chilly these days. Good news, because we can now invest in long sleeved argyle tops that will certainly come in handy during the rainy weather coupled with a two hour lecture in the freezing lecture hall. Plus it's not wrong to look so preppy yet feel warm especially if you're busy concentrating in class! I love the combination of this argyle top with the denim skirt. It's so sad; I don't look good in denim mini skirts. If you're like me, you could pair this with jeans and heels!

Sassy Chic

This is a unique dress! Totally looks like somebody just ran a brush through the dress and created this abstract look. I'd say this works for the office. Add a cincher, and maybe a pair of tights if you want.


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