Sunday, December 07, 2008


Peaches & Pixies

Lovely monochromatic tulip dress! I like how it looks like it's a wraparound dress, but it's actually not! There's even the uneven heart shape bustier going on - what can I say; I love this dress! Best part is, you can wear it to a dinner, or to the office! No worries about it being too revealing for the office - just slip on a cropped cardi, so as to not hide the gorgeous design of the dress.

Shopaholix Bar

And if you still haven't gotten a cocktail dress to wear to the Christmas dinner, you should get this one. Dark purple is a very elegant colour, and especially suitable if worn for formal dinners. Add a dash of trend with the tiered skirt (which is only on the front of the dress - thank God!) and a sash, it's the ideal cocktail dress!

My Bling Bazaar

This two swans are so cute! Fully diamante encrusted, these lovelies will sit like gems (omg I'm so punny) on your earlobes. Studs go especially well with outfits that are already brimming with designs, so since you cannot leave the house without something decorating your earlobes, make it some lovely studs.

Wears and Whatnots

So not everyone's having a fancy Christmas party. Some families like to do it cosy, like a hearty dinner with the relatives! Don't fret as you can't don a cocktail dress, for I just saw something else that's equally as special! Now, doesn't this tank top look very Christmassy?? There's a red one to add to the festivity, but I chose to review this colour instead because imho, the red makes it look a tad childish. So tone it down with some dark hues, but you could always substitute with a red skirt! Upon closer inspection though, those animals look more like deers than reindeers, but when everyone's so merry, who cares??

Brown Sugar Addict

Tan bags look like leather bags, for some reason. So even though it's just PVC, at least it can look like real leather bags. Excuse my long windedness. Nonetheless, tan bags look quite matching, especially with the black-tank-top-and-jeans combo.

Dandelion's Kisses

More sun dresses because since dresses can't be mismatched like jeans and tops, we can't have enough of them! So this angel-hair strapped (angel hair pasta is thinner than spaghetti) sundress with buttons all the way down is really quite nice, especially with the tiny white polka dots on it. Makes it look rather English. I'd pair this with some hemp espadrilles, and maybe the tan bag from above!

Autumn Closet

In this round of updates, they have so many lovely outfits I had trouble choosing which to review! In the end, I settled for this halter tartan dress. There's also a spaghetti strapped tartan dress, but I prefer halters because they're more flattering to the body shape, and works wonders on making that airport runway look acceptable! This dress also has a smocked back for better fit, as well as little faux buttons to add to the design.

Bunny Noo

These slingbacks have a little British India feel about them. Peep toes are also great for closing up fanned toes, and the slingback allows better grip on the feet. No chances of it slipping off now! Plus, it's brown, and how often do we have brown footwear?

Branded Items Spree

Yes, I love cookies too! Indulge in a piece of your childhood with this Sesame Street tshirts. Just because, you know, young adults wearing tshirts with cartoon prints are quite the ironic yet cool. Just don't pair this with jeans of a similar shade of blue.


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