Friday, December 26, 2008


Cat in a Bowl

Okay, how cool is this? Miss Cat in a Bowl handmade everything in this post! The beanies, and the maxi dress. *amazed* You are so cool! Anyway, beanies are in. I mean, you see them on all the model's heads, so it's about time you owned one as well. This blue one has a cute ribbon on it, and it's detachable. So if you like, you can use the ribbon as a hair barette!


You know what ruffled skirts like these go best with? A tightey whitey tank top. I'd fold in the high waisted part to make it look less formal, but that's just me. I love this skirt because there's a deliberate mess about it that makes it so quirky and cute! I'd wear this with a white or pink tank top, and espadrilles accesorized with a long necklace.

The Shoplifters

More tights to go with your butt-high tops/dresses! A friend of mine told me that to completely pull off tights, you should wear it with a top or dress that ends just above the ass. Don't worry about being indecent. The tights will cover your crotch and butt cheeks.

Wish Upon A Bear

There's something about the green that makes me fall in love with this dress! Not to mention the extra little strap hanging in between the two spaghetti straps, and the elastic waist. If you're not one to mind short skirts, I think this dress would look great on its own with a pair of ballet flats.

A Fashion Story

This crown studs are really Juicy Couture-ish. And I think it's something different to have a pair of 3D studs instead of the usual flat ones. Goes great with a flashy outfit, or to touch up an androgynous outfit.


The lady in blue walks into the room. When she makes her entrance, everyone looked up to gaze at the lady in the shimmering blue dress. She continues to walk forward, entrancing everyone, and when they saw her sexy crossed back, they gasped. Every man in the room wanted to dance with her. But she looked over her back, gave an intriguing smile, and disappeared into the crowd.
Lol. Wtf?


Now this maxi dress is something different. Its straight cuts will make one look tall and elegant, but look! It isn't just pure black. There's a slit exposing some psydellic geometrical print there. Now that's some sneak peek.

Pandora Gallery & Boutique

This bright red halter top is just the perfect top for the upcoming CNY. It has buttons and pockets, which adds to the cuteness factor. I think this top and a mini skirt or just plain jeans will go well together.


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