Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Ultimate Dazzle

Nooo! How could you post up such pretty gift boxes on Christmas Eve??? *calms down* It's okay. Thank goodness for the versatile polka dotted designs, 'cause it means you can use them all year round. So fret not if you can't get it in time to put someone's present in, at least you can use it for someone's birthday!

P.S. Is it possible for gift boxes to feel very Audrey Hepburn-ish??

(Edit: Oops. I just received word from Miss Ultimate Dazzle that these boxes are for Valentine's Day!)

A Touch of Simplicity

Fancy wearing a tie but don't own one, or can't tie one, or simply don't like the feeling of something choking at your neck? Get a tshirt like this (as if it wasn't the most obvious answer). You can probably even fake a formal look by wearing a blazer over it. Nonetheless, it'll look so fabulous over any sort of skirt! I think my kind of look would be with a light denim mini skirt.

A Style Above

I love tshirts! I practically live in them. If you're like me, why not add another spanking tshirt to your already spanking collection? I like this design; so mismatched with the collages of pictures! Seeing this, I feel like wearing them with a pair of distressed denim, black boots, some leather cuffs and make my hair bedhead style.

The Bling Bling Shop

Way to send a subtle message to your other half with this belly button ring! Except of course, the place to unzip isn't the belly button. *wiggles eyebrows*

Ancient Orchids

This is so red carpet glamour! I love how the feather boa instantly adds glam status to an otherwise plain LBD. Not to say the LBD is plain. This figure hugging dress is sure to show off your killer curves and turn every head in the room! I have a question for the boutique owner though; is the feather boa removable??

My Dressing Closet

Okay, so we've seen gladiators in black, brown, white, bright yellow, and multicoloured (I saw it in Nose!). It's time to bring out the girly colour; pink! A blend of the two hottest trends now; fringes, and gladiators. Make sure these babies get seen on your feet!

With Love

How very vintage! Now you can go on holiday in style with this vintage style suitcase! Though I'm not exactly sure how big it is, it looks quite big enough to fit in your clothes for a few days! That is, if you don't overpack. Which we girls are quite fond of. *cough*

Little McQueen

This cincher is so oriental looking! I can almost imagine one wearing a kimono and cinching it with this cincher; complete oriental look.

La'Belle Xtra

For vainpots out there, I'm sure you'll love this mirror pendant necklace. The perfect size to check whether you've got anything stuck in between your teeth; or whether your eye makeup is smudged. Best thing about it is that it's part of an accessory, so you don't need to whip out your big ass mirror and get labelled as pretentious.


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