Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dreamz Collectionz

More often than not, trench coats are associated with cold weather; winter, the rain, etc. And more often than not, they come in dark shades of blue, grey, green, and black. Ditch the normality and brighten up the rainy day with this red trench coat! Of course, in our weather, we don't need a coat. But you could always wear it as a dress, nobody said you couldn't. Plus, there's something very spy-ish about wearing a trench coat. Our mission though, is not to be concealed, but get noticed.

Miss Shopaholic's Closet

Booties! I've been coveting for a pair ever since I found out they're the nicest most youthful footwear to go with tights. Sadly, I can't seem to find the right pair for me. But this sleek white one is definitely for keeps! Ends not too pointy; check. Heels not too skinny; check. Ability to match with just about anything; check.


I fell in love with this the minute I set sights on it. It's so cute! What's there not to love? Sleeveless demure with a flowy skirt; but a pinch of spice with the sequins. Not to mention; baby blue! If there was a light pink one, this can totally pass as a ballerina tutu for one of your recitals. I'm not sure if this is appropriate enough for the clubs though; if there was one in gold, I'll be giving you the green light!

Little Black Dress

Speaking of clubs, this tube top will probably only see light in the clubs; neon lights, that is. I have to say the double-uneven-length-layer is quite quirky. And with a combination of a mini denim skirt and bling appropriate for rappers, you're ready to hit the clubs. Bear in mind though; only the clubs.

The Kittencake Shop

Know what this dress reminds me of? The black lacy dress Blair Waldorf wore in the first episode of the first season of GG. Though that dress was flowery lace, so what? Recreate your own style with this boxed neckline dress. You don't have to wear tights like Blair did, no thanks to the weather. What you can do is slip on a pair of bright purple booties!

Xoxo, Pink Poodle

I totally dig this hoodie. And this shot looks totally like a LookBook shot. Anyway, back to the hoodie. Hoodies are inevitably meant for warming you up in the cold. But with prints like these, hell, I'd wear them as a fashion statement. Throw in a skimpy top; halter, spaghetti, whatever you like, and wear this hoodie over it.

Dress Me Up

Ditch the womanly totes and the lazy hobo. It's time to go cutesy with a sling bag, and I don't mean the kind you bring to high school. I mean those small pouches with a long thin strap kind of sling bag. We used to carry them when we were little girlies. There's no reason to stop, especially with this cute lollipop shaped one! Yeah, it's small, but we only need the three essentials; wallet, cellphone, and tissues. I think this will look cool with a sundress and ballet flats!

U Look So Hot Today!

Pardon me, but this top really reminds me of a jester's! I love it; it's a breath of fresh air from the usual polka dots, plaids, gingham and such. Anybody here watches Shugo Chara? The ruffled hemline is totally like Rima's Clown Drop outfit! Looks great on its own and tights with booties.

Rosette Coutures

If all our boyfriends were like that, there would be no need for ATM machines. So why not drop a hint and get him this tshirt? If he loves you, he'll know what to do. Wink wink.

Cat In A Bowl

I'm all about thigh high skirts now! Especially swishy, pleated ones. Why not? They're sexy, and totally cute. If you've never tried them, now's the best time. Actually, anytime's a good time. If you want to try 'em out but can't, fret not. That's what we have tights and leggings for! Though for a skirt patterned like this, I'd recommend plain black ones. It's not good to have too many designs in one outfit.


Bright yellow with graphic lines, buttons with a ruched bust area. What's there not to love about this tube top? Wear a necklace to dress your decolletage more, and a denim skirt! With sneakers.


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