Sunday, December 21, 2008


Jolly Dolly

When I saw this blouse I immediately liked it! What's there not to like about the high collar, the cap sleeves and the machine pleats? If you have a long neck, this blouse will be perfect to accentuate that, therefore I do not recommend girls with shorter necks to wear this. Pair it with a bright high waisted skirt in say, orange? You know you want to.

Dandy Showy Dressy

Holiday's here, and if it's the beach for you, I'll say this flowy top looks good over that sexy bikini of yours. Wear it with a pair of shorts or bikini bottoms and a pair of aviator shades, you'll look pretty damn cool and imposing while on the beach.

Autumn Closet

Or if you're going somewhere in the city, how about wearing this smocked tube dress when you're going sightseeing at night? If you're afraid of the cold, pop a shawl or a cardigan into your hobo bag. Dress your decolletage with pretty silver or steel necklaces and your wrists with a chunky bangle. Since sightseeing is best done by walking, wear a pair of flats.

Adornment Alley

I'm sure you've heard of the cliche phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"? Well unless we're having a five figure salary or a rich daddy to pay, we can't exactly afford real diamonds. We will - one day. But until then, let's settle for something that sparkles just as brightly, minus the hefty price tag. Nothing like a little star diamante set in a minimalistic ring design to adorn your fingers.

Mystery Paradise

I absolutely cannot leave the house without a watch on. Sometimes I forget to wear one and I automatically flex my hand to see the time. Old habits die hard. So since watches are such a necessity (why take the trouble to take out your cellphone when you have the time at your wrist??), we should have more of them. It's also great to brighten up an all-black ensemble with one of these candy coloured watches too.


Skinny jeans look their best if you have stick thin legs and absolutely no ass. So for those of you who match my description, you probably already have like, tonnes of skinnies. Do you happen to own one in dark gingham? No? Well you should totally get this, then! For those of us who have normal, assed legs, we can definitely pull off skinnies. Provided we wear boots over them. I'm serious! They look good.

We Heart Sundays!

Okay, I'd recommend you to wear a skin coloured bra underneath this pink gingham top. I totally love the keyhole and the huge bow at the side. I'd wear this with a pair of black pinstriped shorts, an anklet, and low cut canvas shoes. What? It works.

Wings of Fashione

Bows are everywhere, thanks to Blair Waldorf. Not that I'm complaining. It's so quirky that an outfit actually looks good with the sudden embellishment of a huge bow. Like this dress. It's totally candy pink and the hem is so rad with the bright plaids, but the bow at the bare back totally takes the cake. Wear this with black tights and booties!

Simply Pretty Things

How often do you see a knit tube top that comes with its own shawl/vest/scarf/whatever you like?? The knit patterns actually sort of resemble those found on winter sweaters; except that this is more Malaysian-weatherproof. Totally goes well with jeans. I wouldn't wear them with shorts or super short skirts, 'cause that would be really skanky and screaming for attention; in the stripper-ish way.


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