Monday, November 24, 2008


The Red Tomatoes

Cute platforms! They're so totally bright and striking, but that's what makes them so cute. Although I wouldn't dare to wear them out, why make that stop you?? Hm, I might consider wearing them if I'm feeling particularly down in the dumps. Nothing like some bright technicolour to brighten your mood.

So Into You

Ooh, yes. Another maxi with minimalistic flowers. Damn I hate those maxis with designs looking like they fit my high school's curtains.

Ten Lady Toes

Hand-painted shoes are the bomb! One of the best thing about custom made stuff like these is that you'll probably never see anyone else wearing the same shoes. That, is exactly what we girls covet for. Nothing spells catfight like two girls wearing the same outfit. Unless of course, you already planned so, which is totally uncool.

Aphrodite's Touch

Who doesn't like babydoll tube tops?? Especially one with a fancy lacy hem like this one. If you like, you can also wear it as a high waisted skirt, but of course you risk stretching the elastics on the smocks. No worries if your boobs are bigger than your abdomen. *snigger*

Clothes For Fun

I like bags. Especially bags with lots and lots of compartments, 'cause I totally hate having to dig around in my bag to look for something. Especially if that something is small. This bag has so many compartments you'd be stumped on where to put what. I'll help you. One compartment for vanity items, like you lipbalm, mirror, brush, etc. Another compartment for the sanitary pad. Another for the cellphone. Another for the tissue. Another for the mp3 player. You get my drift.

U Look So Hot Today!

Yes, this is definitely a hot vest. Black, strappy and all. If one had the courage to wear this without a top underneath, one would get all the attention in the clubs, trust me.


Nothing like a simple sundress that you can just slip on with some espadrilles and a tote bag. Go out to the circus or the theme parks and look great the entire day.

Gleaming Petals

Instead of wearing those boring, one-colour pencil skirts for presentations or to the office, why not opt for this black and white one? It's knee-length, yet it's demure without being old-fashioned. Wear this with a light pink button up shirt and you'll look great! Don't go easy on the shoes though. Try something adventurous, like oxfords or something strappy. No pumps!

Quill Cards

Quilling is the art of wrapping a thin strip of paper around like, a needle or something. If you're good at it, you can create really nice shapes other than just a roll of paper. Take this handmade card for example! Check it out - even Santa's robe is quilled. So cool! The recipient of this card would be really pleased to get this in the mail! So what are you waiting for? Make someone have a Merry Christmas!

Mini Pose

Yay, more argyle goodies! You can now wear this one off shoulder as well. If the top is long enough to be a super mini dress, you can wear this with tights and ankle boots.

Peaches & Pixies

Cute dress! This is certainly something different, a heart shaped dress with some extra ruffles. Love that it's white satin too, and that cincher goes well! Though since this is a white dress, I'd suggest a more colourful cincher. Like, purple? Or red, or yellow, you know what I mean.


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