Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ministry of Clothes

Basic cardigans are needed in every girl's wardrobe to keep warm. Also, seeing as cardigans aren't nearly as thick or bulky as hoodies and sweaters, it's also convenient to be placed inside bags, making it convenient to be brought out at times of need - like in the cinema. If you get a perfectly fitting cardigan like this one, you could wear this with totally nothing underneath it. Except for, well, a bra. The good thing is that it's not zip-up, so people won't "accidentally" pull it down and reveal your lace for the entire world to see.

Ur Sidelines

Enough with hobo bags. Let's have a square tote for once. Why not this purple and white one, which makes a totally great colour combination? Great for when you're going out to the mall with the parents.

Glam Avenue

Another one of their strappy/strapless dresses. I really like this dark turquoise colour! Unfortunately, so does other people, 'cause this colour is already gone. No worries though, they have it in blue and black as well. What I love about dresses like these is that it goes well on its own.

Cheap As Chips

Ooh, sexy secretary look. Love its high collared Victorian inspired top, and they managed to make it look not that uptight by making the upper part of the dress sheer. Pair it with some flowery tights like in the picture, simple ear studs and maybe some b&w oxfords.

Ruby Dutchess

More clubbing gear! Also comes in purple and blue, plus you can tie that halter any way you like, so that cleavage part can also be a keyhole!

TH Couture

Love the hem details on this trapeze racerback dress. Makes up for the plainness of this dress. No fear though, a fancy cincher will do the trick. That, or a long necklace. Add some chunky bracelets if you're not wearing the necklace, and some gladiator heels.

Eve's Closet

This picture is so happy looking. Makes me wanna put on that tiered racerback top and some satin shorts and prance around on the grass or something. If you see closely, the straps are like that of a belt!
*Update: It's already sold out SOBS.

Finally, something I have not seen before. Very biker chick meets office lady. The best part is, you can wear this as an overcoat, a dress, or a top! You can zip it up all the way to cover up, or zip it down a bit and make a collar. Or, if you wanna be sexy, you can zip it lower still and show some cleavage or a plunging neckline. If you wanna be a real biker chick in this, pair it with some fishnets and wear a spiked faux leather choker or bracelet. :P


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