Saturday, November 22, 2008


Adornment Alley

Belly button-ers are so lucky these days. There's such a huge range of rings for you to choose from, it almost makes me want to get a belly button piercing too. Of course, the mother doesn't allow it. Anyway, this cross has a really gothic (the artistic style) feel to it. It's diamante encrusted, black, that brass?? Anyway, I am in love with it. If it came in a brooch, I'd definitely want it!

A Fitting Room Boutique

I don't like gladiator flats. It makes your legs look short (especially if they aren't long to begin with). However, I do like gladiator heels! Not the ones that reach up to below your knees though. I like gladiator heels like these! Strappy without being overboard, and enough height to make you feel tall. This one is in dark brown, and it's four inches high. A word of caution; wear this only if you're not walking the whole day.

Jolly Dolly

I like this combination! Very sexy office lady. The bag doesn't really match the outfit though. Nonetheless, they are selling the sleeveless dress, long sleeved blouse, tights and bag! Separate, of course. How great is it that they have already put together all their stuff and it's all (well, mostly) available??

Lovely Paperdoll

More cute earrings from them! Get into the Christmas mood with this carriage and rocking horse combo. It would look really good with that candy cane dress, white clutch and gladiator heels put together. Mm hmm.

Paperdoll Online

If your prom is nearing and you haven't gotten yourself a dress, shame on you! A girl should be shopping for her dress before her exams already. No pressure, though. If maxi dresses aren't your thing for prom, get this bubble cocktail dress already! So simple yet elegant and sweet, all you need is some pearl necklaces (or fake pearl. whatever), a glittery clutch, some fierce high heels and you're ready to go! You could wear some accessories on your hair too, if you like. Like, some shiny barette or something.

Peaches & Pixies

When I think of gingham, I am reminded of cowboys and country girls. No idea why. Anyway, to erase that memory from mind, this dress is made in a more modern way. Like, in tube style and with buttons! If you find yourself uncomfortable with wearing a tube, you could always wear a white tshirt under that, and voila! Dual toned dress.

Oh! Cotton Candies

This is a different sort of vest that I've never seen! Instead of pinstriped or plaids or plain, it's in houndstooth! Love the peter pan collar and the gigantic bow on it too. Very good for dressing up plain tops.

Okay, so you've gotten yourself a dress for prom, but no suitable bag. How about this glittery clutch?? It comes in black and silver, so it's easy to match that dress. Do keep in mind that if your dress is already very glittery, go for a more matte type of bag. Too much glitter can be blinding.

Bows Lover

Get retro in this polka dotted tube. I love the white button with the band detail on the waist area. Goes well with white satin shorts and a tote bag.

Wada's Wardrobe

A pinafore with adjustable straps, so you can make this a high waisted skirt, or a pinafore dress. You have to check out the back, it's really corset-like, with the lace ups!


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