Saturday, November 22, 2008

Announcement 3

If you noticed that lately I have not been updating as often as I used to, well, I'll clarify now. Reason #1 is because I have been a little busy lately, helping out with some stuff. Therefore I was only free in the night time to update.

Reason #2 is because I can't find anything that I like. Some of the online boutique owners have sent me emails regarding updates from their shop. Yes, I do appreciate you ladies doing so. However, if I don't review any of your items, it's only because I don't like it. I'm sorry, but I can't be fawning over every single piece that you throw at me.

Reason #3. Everything I see is almost the same! I think I saw the same ruffled toga like a hundred times. Not to mention the exact same maxi dresses almost like, everywhere?? I am getting bored, please do surprise me. Bring in more tshirts! Basics! Blazers!

Besides, I am getting bored of kimonos already. I swear, if I see another kimono I'll start screaming, so I will not review any more unless it's really, really nice. Which would be highly unlikely.

I am also getting bored of florals. There is only so much flowers I can take, and I especially hate those floral designs which make you look grandma-ish.

Did I mention I don't like vintage clothing? No offense, but I don't plan on looking like my primary school teacher from the eighties, thank you very much. Unless it's really something, (like that red dress from Shopaholics United) I won't review it. Vintage accessories are very nice, just not clothing. Please do bring in more vintage necklaces.

Also, I apologize to online boutique owners who have sent me emails which I have not replied. I will assure you though, that if I review one of your items I will definitely inform you via email.

That's all. Toodles.


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