Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are the latest few to pop up in the blogosphere:

Dressing Attic

Such an innocent yet sexy dress! It's like a wolf in sheep's clothing; at one glance it looks like a totally innocent white mini dress. But then, take a look at the hem and you can see that there are buttons there; real buttons! Which means it can be unbuttoned and voila! A sexy slit in the side of your dress.

Chubby A Bit

This cutie reminds me of a candy cane. What better way to get into the Christmas mood than with a candy cane dress?? Just looking at this makes me feel like sucking on one already.

Trendy Hunt

I've always loved the touch of velvet. So soft and nice! Sadly velvet has always been linked to old things, but no more! This velvet top looks great paired with that white shorts, and it even has faux button details at the hem of this top. If you're petite, this could do as a extremely mini dress as well.

Bunny Noo

More is less. Cover up in this flowy fabric, but its semi transparent material leaves the rest to imagination. Do wear something inside though, not just your bra. You want to create a sexy image, not slutty. ;)

Urban Closet

Hello, maxi dress that isn't floral! These sort of dresses keep on creeping up in the blogosphere lately. I would want to call 'em tri-coloured dresses, but the thing is they're more than three colours already. So...what's the name for 'em?

The Shoplifters

This is too cool! Lanyards made out of measuring tapes!! Aaah I'd totally replace this one with the fugly piece of string my uni calls lanyard. They even have it in pink!


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