Thursday, November 13, 2008

the animal in you

Get all out and roaring in animal prints! But let's save PETA a complaint and make it faux animal skin yeah?

My Shopping Spree 2

Carry this zebra printed bag like a tote, or like a sling. All I know is that it's big enough to put my stuff inside and look cool.

D Lookin Glass

Now let us not limit ourselves to just animal skin motifs. Get this pop art inspired doggy tshirt and spend your day out frolicking in the sun!

Ruby Dutchess

This here is just a teaser for you ladies. When they will update these with more detail is beyond me, but do get excited first! Who doesn't like mini skirts?? Shame on you. Get fierce with this skirt and some black tights. To look totally chic, don a black long sleeved turtleneck and some secretary-like glasses to complete that artistic mod look.

The Envelopes

It's amazing how many varieties there are in tights these days! I prefer tights to leggings though; they don't make your legs look shorter and chunkier. Ever notice how pants/leggings that hit at the ankles make you look just that??

Bag Lovers

How about a zebra inspired clutch? Just nice for evening dinners paired with a simple but elegant dress. Nothing like outstanding accessories to bring out an outfit.

Stop Shop Splurge

Chic enough to wear to the office! Why choose a block colour dress and be totally boring when you can be sexy in leopard prints? Pair this with or without tights and some pumps to complete the look.

Dress to Kill

Couple sweaters, how lovely! I always see couples wearing matching tshirts (sometimes the exact same) and I think, how tacky! But then again, when you are a part of a couple, sometimes you just wanna tell the world that you're in love, and he's your guy. Which girl doesn't like a boyfriend who follows orders?

Avenue Boutique

Zebra and leopard prints have always been common. Lately I've been seeing giraffe prints on bags! I wonder when they'll make their debut on clothes. Get yourself ahead in these clutches. I personally like the green one, it's something different!


qqq on May 26, 2010 at 4:25 PM said...

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It didn't make much noise that first year, but by the time it holstered its guns 14 seasons later, "BANACEK DVD COLLECTION" had been certified as the biggest television show of the 1960s and one of the two greatest Westerns in TV history.

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