Monday, November 17, 2008

for christine

This post is specially for Christine, who emailed me asking for a lookout for satin maxi dresses and a white tote. So far these are the few dresses that I found (including one which Christine herself found).

Lawa-Lawa RM65

Personally, I like this one best! Although at RM65 it's a little steep, by far it's the most elegant one I've seen around.

The Rose Attic RM50

This is the dress that Christine found! It's quite cheap for a maxi dress at RM50, and furthermore, the design is very nice. It has some peacock-feather-watercolour effect going on there.

Peep RM59

This piece is the only colour of its design remaining, so if any of you wants it, I suggest you purchase it quickly.

Peep RM59

Another last one of its design! Although bronze is not really my colour, I must admit the overall effect on this dress is quite nice.

Bunny Noo RM70

The yellow is a little too bright for my liking, especially for an entire maxi dress. Luckily the floral designs are kept to a minimum, otherwise the overall effect might be too overwhelming.

Shopping Princess RM55

These are quite newly updated. It has an assymetrical hem, which is rumoured to have elongating effects for the body. I cannot confirm with you a hundred percent, because I haven't tried it out myself. Personally, I think the red one would be nice for a Chinese New Year dinner. Read, dinner. Not lunch.

Buckle Buckle RM50

If I am not mistaken, this is the exact replica of the bag that Christine was looking for. It has the little lock and key thing going on, and gold on white is certainly an enchanting combination.

Goodie-licious RM26

Another white tote for Miss Christine, though I am not sure how much she'll like it. At RM26 it's quite cheap for a bag, eh? The handles are also thick enough so it won't leave welts in your shoulders should you be carrying a heavy bag.

Goodie-licious RM35

This bag comes in white and silver, so if I were to choose, I'd take silver! Just because it's something different than your basic white and black.


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