Sunday, November 16, 2008

welcome to the black parade

Ah, black. It's the colour that we should never be without in our wardrobe. Not only does it matches everything, it looks elegant, sexy, and somehow has the wonders to make you look slimmer! How can we not love black? Since I love black so much, why not dedicate an entire post to only black clothing?? (With other colours too)

Favourite Boutique

This is a sexy dress to wear to those clubbing outings! Short and fitting, and a halter. Great for those sweaty moments. To add to the glamour, the neckpiece is glittery! Be all sparkly in this little LBD while grooving to the music.

Black works on dual toned dresses, to tone down those graphic details. Imagine having an entire dress with those prints! One would be blinded with confusion. Pair this with a cardi and you can even wear it to work.

Black is dark, and dark colours instantly make colours lighter than it look brighter and better. Just like this halter top. Doesn't the red and grey just pop out, making this halter top look fabulous? Love the design too - it's like jagged pieces of glass.
Isn't this dress so simple? It has no design, the whole dress is only in one colour...plainly said, it's just a basic tshirt dress! Ah, but my simple fellows, it is not just a basic tshirt dress. Yes, it may be in only one colour and has no design, but because of this, you can accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Go creative with scarves, belts, cinchers, flashy earrings, necklaces, bracelets, whatever your heart desires. Always been afraid to wear those boots for fear that it'll make your outfit "too much"? Wear it with this! Any accessory goes, but remember ladies, moderation is the key.

Okay, I know this is brown, but it is close enough to black right? Riiight? Yes of course. Anyway! If you're going out for a drink, just bring this. It can fit your cellphone, and money, 'cause those are your basic necessities.

Daily Shopping Therapy

Fancy a double breasted blouse with puffy sleeves for the workplace? Of course you do. Why? Why not! It's black, it's double breasted, there's a sash at the back, and you can wear it with slacks or a pencil skirt to the office, or jeans for the casual outdoors. And besides, it's on sale. Isn't that reason enough for you shopaholics to get this already.

A Touch of Simplicity

How about another vest! This one has a unique collar; looks like the ones you find on blazers. It also only has two buttons, because some of us cannot be bogged down to button up so many buttons on our vests! What about the buttons on our blouses and jeans! Okay too many buttons have been said.

Tanze Lushes

What a pretty black dress and a pretty model! A simple sleeveless black dress adorned with glittery beads on the collar; and pockets! Good for clubbing, because those pockets can seriously come in useful when you don't want to bother carrying your bag around and dancing. Beware of pickpockets though!


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