Sunday, November 16, 2008



Take one tshirt and a pair of jeans. Boring? Add a long halter vest. Tadaa! Instant spruce up. Need somewhere to put those hands? No problem. Pockets provided!

Oh, Popsicles!

Here's another cincher! Love the brass buckles. The back is weaved too! Now usually we have smocked or normal elastic backs...but this is weaved! And very neatly done too.

Little Buttonx

I've been seeing quite a few retro prints on tshirts in the blogosphere lately...and aren't they fab? It's like the vintage of tshirts. Serena van der Woodsen loves Vespas as well. Don't we all, if it weren't for the manic traffic and air pollution?

Little McQueen

Now this is different! A normal smocked-back spaghetti strapped dress, but you can tie up the cleavage area as well. Make it a halter, or even tie a petite ribbon right there, if you want to leave hints of a cleavage.

Gin & Tonic

A sexy LBD with an awesome back! Love the big big bow, very Blair Waldorf! In fact, this would look like the gown Blair wore to the Debutante ball, except that this isn't a maxi, and the bow is at the back. Nevertheless, this is still one-of-a-kind!

Favourite Boutique

Change the hotpants to something more parent-approved, like this knee-length shorts with suspenders! It looks totally suitable for the office when paired with this pinstriped button up shirt.

Dainty Dresser

Go girly with this petite grey babydoll dress. The print on 'em are sakura flowers (I think!) and you better snap it up quick, cause only the grey one is available!


Ruffles are in as well. Ruffles can either make you look frumpy or girly. Go moderate on 'em and you'll get this pretty piece! Wear a cincher to add pizzazz to an otherwise simple dress.


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