Sunday, November 16, 2008


Dreamz Collectionz

How would you like a maroon coloured pinafore-like dress? It's two piece (the white top is inclusive!) and it has pockets!! Wear this with bare legs or jeans, if you find it too short. Since it looks so sporty, I think it might look good with some low cut sneakers as well.

Handmade Tiny Thoughts

A vintage carousel necklace! This piece comes with extra flourishes; it has a tiny heart pendant and some coloured jewels above the carousel. I like my pendants kooky!


Hit the clubs with this roaring outfit (hahaha I'm so punny). It's figure hugging, so you can show off your curves! It's even padded, so you don't have to feel all sweaty and sticky in your bra. *wiggles eyebrows* Anddd! It's really sexyback!

A Fashion Obsession

Dear Kimmy, is the halter top you looking for something like this? Unfortunately, it's already sold out. :( Calling all online boutique owners! Do you have a piece that looks something like this???

Hello Fashionista

A bejewelled goody perfect for clubbing too! Sparkle and shine in this electric blue top. If the colour can't get you noticed, you can be sure the jewels on your decolletage will!

Miss Capsicum

The first pink coloured vest I've seen! It's even in plaids, so it has that Burberry feel to it. Good news - the ruffled top inside is inclusive as well!!

Ultimate Dazzle

More cinchers to add to your collection. Now, most of our cinchers are in brass or some metal-ish substance, right? How about some plastic one for a change? It's probably just me, but the white one has some serious space vibe going on.

Dandy Showy Dressy

This shop sure has nice pieces! This dress might be an ordinary satin one all by itself, but the shiny pebbles sure spice things up. According to the blog, you can use that string of pebbles to tie it around your back and make it a tube dress! Me likes.


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