Monday, November 17, 2008


Peaches & Pixies

Oh, yes, I do like a halter top. Especially one that comes in a dress and in white! Love the little abstract tulips on the hem as well. The only complaint I have is that the sash at the back will clash with the halter's ribbon, 'cause the halter's ribbon is almost touching the waist. :(

Autumn Closet

This beige cincher might be plain and neutral coloured to you, but do think about it. A dress overdosed on graphics needs just a nice neutral cincher to tone it down. Besides, how often do you see a cincher in this design?? Quick, only one cincher of each design is available!

Glam Avenue

Pink - my favourite colour, and grey. Mix it together and you get this sweet, dusty-like combination. Just because we don't want to shine too bright on some days. This babydoll top can be worned with the spaghetti straps, or as a tube top. Pair it with jeans or shorts, and some 2-inch heels. Or, if you're petite enough, you can wear it as a super mini dress! Be sure to wear some boy shorts underwear though; that wind can be real pesky.

Ministry of Clothes

Simplicity is the key, and that's what MOC always does for their photos! No overwhelming watermarks, clear and bright pictures, I like. If the photograph doesn't lie, the material for this dress looks like the heavy kind - the suitable kind for dresses. Heavy yet slight stretchy material drapes over your body nicely, showing your curves at all the right places. Plus, don't you just love the crochet detail on the collar?

Glitery Glam

With so many dresses perfect for clubbing, you'd be spoilt for choices. Add another one to your collection with this brown number. This heart shaped dress can be a tube dress, and I think that sash down the middle can be used as a halter ribbon?? Or maybe even a toga. Who knows, the possibilities are limitless.

45°C Workshop

This dual toned dress can be just nice for the office! Pair it with a cincher and some bright slingbacks to compensate for the lack of colour in this piece.

Eve's Closet

Ah, bags. We can never have too many of 'em. Don't you just dig this one with pleats on it and a funky zip? Plus, it's black. We all love black.


Heh, hands up whoever owns a cheongsam? I know I don't. But maybe I should, after all, it's part of my culture. Wouldn't it be totally embarrassing if a Chinese hasn't worn a Cheongsam before? I mean, I practically lived in the baju kurung during my high school years (and I don't regret a single bit of it. So comfy!)! So here's a twist to the long cheongsam; a mini cheongsam! Hey, not only Chinese people can wear it, 'yknow.


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