Monday, November 17, 2008


D' Gurlz

Well, hello there! Are you a faux two piece top or a real two piece top? I think you're a faux two piece top. *nods sagely* Anyway, look like you are wearing a cardigan over a flowy halter, because this piece totally goes with jeans and some high top sneakers!

Beau Monde

A knit 3/4 sleeved top for the office ladies. Yes, I do see the belt loops there, but I ain't gonna worry about what belt to match it with. Why? Well, I'll tell you why, it's because the belt is totally inclusive with the top!!!

Daemon Heart

Look totally preppy in this argyles knit dress. I fell in love with argyles ever since I saw Ashlee Simpson wearing a dark blue sleeveless knit argyle top in one of her videos. I must be getting old, because I can't seem to remember the title of the song now. Ahem. If you don't have any boots to wear like the model, how about some low cut sneakers? Or tights with pumps?

Jovy's Wardrobe

Such a sweet and demure dress! It's probably me, but this shop sells everything girly and demure! Although I can't really make it out, I think there are floral prints embroided(??) on the dress. Yes, it's buttoned all the way down, but I seriously feel that you probably don't need to undo any buttons, cause the neck is wide enough for you to slip in on. I think. Good news - the white inner top is inclusive!

Precious Mannequinzz

Instead of a dress, how about a flowy top for clubbing purposes! Wear it with some skinny jeans or a mini skirt. I love the bling in the middle of the boob area, and the sash hanging down has some serious Grecian style going on there. If you like, the exact same design comes in a dress as well, but with different colours.

Adornment Alley

Here's some jewellery for the less conventional piercing. According to the blog, this piece of jewellery can be used for a tragus or a labret piercing. Personally, I think the pink star would be totally cool for the girls with labret piercings! It could be a little too big for the tragus piercing though, imho.

Bebel Nina

If I was working, I'd totally wear this to the office. I love the fact that this looks like a wraparound dress, but it's not! No chances of a wardrobe malfunction while wearing that dress then. *snigger*


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