Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Emmy Cubic

Who says leopard prints must only be in their original colour? Get crazy in this sleeveless top with pink, green, and yellow! You could wear it with leggings I guess, but seeing as I am not a fan of leggings I'd go with jeans! And some skinny heels. Rawr.

Wearever U Like!

Some eye candy for you ladies!! That body is so buff. *drools* I'd love to see my boyfriend wearing this, if only he would ditch those baggy tees that bboys are so fond of wearing.

Crazy Wardrobe

Ah, here is something we do not see often. A woven clutch! Although it looks brown, it's actually grey in colour. There's a detachable strap which you can use as a wristlet, or just hide it under the clutch's flap to make it a normal clutch! I'd say this looks great for dinners as it provides a touch of nature to the classy elegance of dinners??

Korii Joko

This shop probably has the widest range of accessories turquoise beads can provide! This necklace here is one of my favourites. I think this will look really great with a white smocked babydoll tube, shorts and some flip flops, 'cause this just spells the beach.

Urban Closet

Yay, another maxi dress of this kind! And guess what, I still don't know what it's called! Anybody wanna enlighten me? This time it comes in a halter with no cleavage, so girls who are a little apprehensive of wearing low cut dresses or tops will find this perfect.

Daily Shopping Therapy

This tiered top is Zara inspired, but the Zara one is a dress. This could be a dress too, for the petites. I think. Nonetheless, I am liking the flowy feel of this tiered top, but perhaps in another colour.

Wish Upon A Bear

This is a unique dress! It's short, it's a halter, it has some lace and don't you just dig that abstract floral design?? I know I do.


It's the Hermes Birkin bag!! Omg, is this for real? It can't be the original, no way, not at RM280!

Mini Pose

A dual toned top that you can pair with dark washed skinny jeans, boots or stilletos on that working Friday. What's more, you can head straight to parties dressed in that after work! Yay!


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