Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I must say, I very much prefer this graffiti-ed monogrammed bag to the normal monogrammed bags! Much less 'mature', if you get what I mean. :D Flat zippy bag to put your (ringgit) notes inside.

If you have lots of lingerie that's so hard to fold and so hard to stay in one place in your wardrobe, let me introduce to you...the lingerie sorter. Wtf. I just randomly came up with that. A bright, pretty green box which has lots of compartments inside, so you just need to roll up your lingerie and it stays there, neat. This creation is genius. 

When you get sick of all the additional flourishes to dresses like ruffles, bows, frills, lace, tutu, heave a sigh of relief for a simple dress like this. Though not too plain to be considered boring, this is just nice and simple on its own. I like the model's hairband though. :D


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