Thursday, May 21, 2009


If you like them preppy shorts but can't or don't dare to wear too short shorts, then here's your saviour; the mid-length shorts! Not exactly three-quarters, but they fall just above the knee to not cut your legs off. Nice, isn't it? Very preppy looking too; I can just imagine wearing this and a very fitting white shirt with the sleeves rolled till the elbows, and three to four buttons unbuttoned. Tee hee. Do hurry, as this is only still available in size S!

I don't know what's with the black sash there, but other than that, I think we can all quite agree that this tank top is uber awesome! Take your pick from either a lace-bibbed victorian style tank, or a very forest-fairy like flowery tank! Psst, my favourite the the Floral Jewels. This top looks pretty long, so I guess if you're petite, this can very well become a short dress. Other than that, pairing this with them glossy leggings look good too!

I know I'm like, super late in posting this up, and this is all gone, but she's taking restocks for this! So for the girly girl and the Juicy Couture fans, get your hands on this cute mini camera. Comes in baby pink; I think Xia Xue would love this very much. Hop on to Princess Feverlicious to check out the specs of this camera.

Now ladies, focus on the bag. The. Bag. Yes, that Union Jack flag bag. It's shiny, it's small, it has chain straps, and the straps are adjustable! Now wouldn't this be the perfect item to brighten up a drab outfit? Or perhaps, a deliberately drab outfit. Let's see, an all black combo with this bag? Awesome-ness.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this blazer. I. So. Want it!! I mean, I already have one.  *twiddles thumbs* But! It doesn't really fit me. :D Actually, come to think of it, no blazers will ever fit me nicely because of my thin frame... :( They all hang loosely. See, being thin is no benefit sometimes. Le sigh. But you should totally get it if you don't have one. Fashion these days are so unpredictable, blazers are no longer limited to formal functions! Yay for that. This is a pre-order, so hurry before it closes!

I have found yet another OL dress! I'm not sure if it's bat-winged sleeved, but it sure looks like it though. At first glance, it kind of looks like a sleeveless kimono, eh? Nonetheless, this is so plain it screams to be accessorized. Let me list down the possibilities; scarf, cincher, necklaces, bangles, lace tights...wait! Don't put all of them together, okay?!

Now, isn't this a cute floral sundress? Very bustier-like in the front (low cut too, wink wink wtf), but the back is the most appealing. Sexy with a hint of skin without being slutty. The best part about this dress is that it's not supershort, so you can still pass this off as pretty decent. I like it! One question though; would I need to wear them NuBras for this dress?

Forget the 280 deniers; glass tights are the second skin now. Like, literally. Legs are meant to be showed off, not covered up! I have to say though; this blue makes your skin looks alien-like. Really. But I guess they'll be pretty cool if you wear these with a supershort white skirt. Going for RM10 only! 

Find it crazy irritating when people wake you up when you just want to sleep in peace for as long as you want? Yeah, I should know. I turn into a monster when people disrupt my sleep. =/ Anyways, get rid of this problem by getting this eye mask. How so? They're both actually one mask; turn it one side for a, "YES, please wake me up" or turn it the other way for, "NO, don't wake me up or I'll f*cking kill you!". Ahem. You get my drift.

Cute ickle ballerina flats! I don't think they're suitable enough to be worn as real ballerina slippers; but don't let it stop you from dressing up like that! I'm thinking white flowy dresses, white tights and these flats. 

See that paisley skirt? It can also be worn as a tube top/dress. Or a high-waisted skirt. Or a boho skirt. And that yellow top? It's free. Now have I given you enough reasons to like this combo? :D


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