Monday, May 18, 2009



Other than a full suit, I think guys look great in a fitting graphic tshirt and a pair of well cut jeans. Graphic tees these days are just so creative! One of my guy friends and a lecturer(!) has this uber cool tshirt of a silhoutte of a guy shooting his head, and the blood transform into butterflies. :D Morbid, but cool. This one depicts the everyday life of a student. Books, alarm clock, laptop, and what's that random bunny??

Cannot believe that this is still available! Am I the only one who thinks this is gorgeous? Cause it definitely is. Do hurry as this isn't restockable. :)

PHAT Culture

They only have this colour left! I've seen quite a few of the chiffon overlined dresses lately, beginning with the colour plaids one! Then there were the polka dots, and quite predictably, the stripes. What about argyles next? :O

A supershort mini halter dress with skull prints! I like. Has attitude. :D

And finally, something for the office. Chiffon with loose ruffles on the neckline. This is a new shop, by the way!


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