Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sigh. Sometimes I just wish I had a flat ass and long skinny legs just so I'd look good in shorts like this one. Just cause, shorts like these look awesome on people with flat asses and long skinny legs. Dammit I feel like such a hypocrite; my tentative thesis is about the media being responsible for eating disorders. 

These days, dual toned dresses like these are out so much that I cannot tell the difference between a separate top and skirt and a dress anymore! It's so frustrating!! It reminds me so much about the time when kimonos were all the rage. Actually, that was only months ago. Aeons in the internet and fashion world. I didn't like the kimonos much. Thankfully these dual-toned dresses are so much better than the kimonos. I like them most because they can be worn to the office. Hello internship. *sceptical smile*

Can you believe I still don't have a bikini I want? I must be so impossibly nitpicky. I love bikinis like these, but I don't think my body is cut out for these types of bikinis. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop me from looking enviously at this American one and making me wish that I could carry this off. Ah well. Somebody else will be luckier. Last piece in that online boutique. Hurry!

Wishing for a pair of straighter and firmer legs? Well apparently now you can sleep your way to them, while wearing these babies. A little pricey, but hey, if you're willing to spend that few hundred for some La Mer cream, this will just be peanuts. Good legs are hard to come by!

Is it a dress, or is it a top? The choice is yours. I think it looks so much better as a dress, because the material can make you look quite slouchy and mature if you wear it as a top. But anyway, it's all about preference, and mine is wearing this dress with some killer high heels and bangles! I'd advise you not to pair this with tights though; this scorching weather can make those hips itch like a bitch. 

Such pretty things these necklaces are! Though Mother's Day is over, they're still available for grabs. So even if you've gotten your mother something special, you can still get this for yourself. ;) 


qqq on May 30, 2010 at 4:00 PM said...

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came into my head.. that is when it hit me... Coach Ergo
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