Sunday, May 03, 2009

Announcement 14

I am currently having my finals now, so updates will be very, very slow. My exams finish on the 11th of May, then I will be taking a two-day break. Updates will resume regularly after that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, please don't send me multiple emails for the same request. I have gotten your email, and if I haven't post it up, it means I have not updated yet. Please be patient. If anyone sends me the same email more than three times, I will exclude your request in my future posts. I appreciate you not spamming my inbox. Thank you.


qqq on May 28, 2010 at 4:48 PM said...

Great words gmartin -- I think most of us had a knee jerk reaction to Coach Outlet
annoucement.. my heart was hurting for him; his family; not so much the school and football program but then reality set in and thoughts of Bob Stoops being our head Coach Ergo
came into my head.. that is when it hit me... Coach Gallery
is leaving... to be our head coach no more.. I was just sick.... sick for him; sick for Gatornation -- but still wanting Coach Hamptons
to take care of himself and his health -- I was so happy that he decided to take the leave of absence option;

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