Thursday, April 09, 2009

Announcement 12

Time to get some exercise, shop, and up those karma points. Want to know where you can do all of that?

Sunway's School of Computer Technology and School of Business & Law will be organizing a charity walk to raise funds for the under-priviledged children of Harvest Center. A crowd of approximately 700-1,000 people is expected to participate for the event. This will include mainly teenagers from different colleges and also Sunway University College itself. This event is also expected to attract various media coverage.

So how does this affect you online boutique owners? The good news is, they're inviting online boutiques to set up booths during this event. So there you have it, walking for charity, and being able to shop too!


Date: 30th May 2009

Venue: Sunway University College

For online boutique owners interested to set up a booth during the charity event, please contact Christina at 012-9744 225 or


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