Friday, April 10, 2009


Tictactoe RM50

I'm on a hunt for office wear that's not totally formal, but yet formal enough for the office. And this ruffled top here makes the cut. You don't have to worry about not being able to fit through that tiny collar, cause there's a zip all the way down the top! Now that's pretty cool.

You can either zip it all the way up to the collar, or zip it down a little to get a breather. Tee hee.

My Clothes Affair RM16

Plain tank tops are the bomb! They go with just about anything; skirts, pants, the works. The best thing about it being plain is that your bottoms can be full of details, and they work just well enough with it.

Good news is that they're going for RM16 each. Everywhere else I've seen sells them at RM20 the least, so this is quite a steal.

What's Your Flavour? RM39

You know, I never liked kimonos. I felt that they made you look fat, unproportionate, and well...fat. And I didn't like that whole flutter-sleeves thing. It would be so disgusting and slutty to be able to see your bra?

But surprisingly, I quite like this kimono dress. Maybe it's the cutting or the design, but it doesn't actually make the model look quite unproportionate. And despite all my negative statements about kimonos, I've always wanted to try on a plain one and see if I look nice in it. Hehehe I'm such a hypocrite!

La'Belle Closet RM20

I love tank tops. You can never go wrong with them, and just about everybody looks good in them. Unless of course, you spoil the look by wearing a wrong bra with it. Unless you have really pretty bra straps, please don't show them off when you wear racerbacks.

Plain tank tops are the bomb, but aptly designed tank tops are the nuclear (wtf I'm so lame)! This skull-and-bone design is just so cool, with a rocker chick kind of feel. You should see the combination they have with the skirt and studded belt. So fierce.

If you wear it with baggy pants and sneakers and studded cuffs, it'll be even more fierce. Rawr!

Dr. Pizzicato RM36

I was looking through some online boutiques during my lab class (shh!), and I came across this skirt. I was like, ohmygod! This is too good to be true. I first saw the Miss Selfridge picture and thought, nah, their version can't be that good. I was wrong. It is so nice. So pretty! That I had to show it to my friends. They couldn't agree more.

For one, the colour is so nice and bright. How often do you have skirts in this shade of happy? Hardly. Also, it's a little high-waisted. Just the perfect thing in trend right now. can wear it as a formal wear! Absolutely perfect for me, as I have an internship going on the next semester. Formal wear is such a bitch, but with lovelies like this popping up, I think I'll be having a lot of fun dressing up for the office!

I can already think of a combination for this. A white tank top, plus multi-layered long necklaces, plus a cropped blazer, this skirt, and black heels. Perfect!


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