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It seems like too long ago since I wrote a review. Kind of rusty, but here's a short one! And by short, I really mean short. Do note that there are lots of Reader Requests below this post! Especially the hot bikini that I'm selling off (ahem. Promoting my item. :x).


Inside every girl is an artist waiting to come out. If you're rubbish in art, at least you can still dress the part. Hey, fashion is an art too! So how to you go artsy with this multi-layered skirt? Hm, it's quite simple actually. I would pair this with a normal white t shirt with minimal design, and low cut canvas sneakers and an anklet. And lots of bracelets! Not those charm bracelets, mind you.


Taking a short breather from all the PVC, now we have hobo bags with sequins on it! Imagine how noticeable you'll be when you walk in the bright sunlight. Plus, it's in black. We all love black. It goes with everything. And you can definitely rest assure that this bag can fit almost anything inside, like you laptop, added with your bottled water (make sure it's tightly sealed!), junk food, and...hmm, what else? Oh right, your lecture notes!

Oh My Clothes!

Ooh, that's quite a sexy zippered dress. Imagine, one pull and it all comes apart! 18sx fantasies aside, if you pair this with patterned tights and pumps, it'll be quite a vision for the office. Sorry, (well, not so) but boring office wear and I don't mix. I will absolutely die from the uniformity of it all. This zippered dress will breathe a breath of fresh air to mundane office wear! Do hurry though, this is the last piece.

Le Femme Fatale

I totally laughed when I saw the title for this necklace. It's true though, this little guy is swinging in the ayer, a-ayer, ayer~ You have to agree that this necklace is really cool though. Bet you haven't seen anything like this, eh? Best not to wear this with a low cut top though, the little guy might have a nose bleed...teehee.


These bondage-type shoes have certainly come a long way. I remember them starting out as gladiators, then slowly evolving to those weaves, and the cagelike design, and oh, I don't know how to describe them anymore. I'll confess; I'm more of a flats kind of girl. I like how heels make my legs look longer, but I just cannot wear them everyday. Give me more flats! They look so awesome with short skirts and short pants that you won't be needing heels to make your legs look long. A word of advice though; stay away from flat sandals when you're wearing baggy cargo pants. They don't look good.

Lady Lips - Preorder

I know I probably have tonnes of t shirts already, but everytime I look into my wardrobe it seems like I don't have enough. I'm sure all girls can relate to what I'm saying. I'm always on the lookout for cool t shirts. Lame graphics just don't cut it out for me anymore. I want something different, yet cool. Then I came across this t shirt here! That comic 'bang' sign is just so cool. And the best thing about t shirts is that you can pair it with almost anything; jeans, shorts, skirts, bikini bottoms, you get my drift.

ESN Clothing

Who wants to take a guess as to who this is? Obviously I meant the character on the t shirt. Though this is not the first time I've seen a design of this sort, I think it's totally ingenious! Not to mention, I love my white t shirts even though I already have tonnes of them. They're just the right thing to wear with a good fitting pair of jeans, regardless of what style they (the jeans) are.


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