Saturday, March 21, 2009

Announcement 11

As of now, I won't be publishing requests with clothes not purchased online.

I realized that, ever since I allowed readers to do so, I have been flooded with emails wanting to sell clothes that you didn't purchase online. It made me think that a lot of you don't know how to appreciate the clothes that you buy. It is like the clothes you purchase have no value. You buy it on impulse, wear it once, then sell it off.

I know that there are many impulse purchases online too, but that is excusable, as you can't feel, or try it on. Chances of it not being suitable for you is very much higher than purchasing offline, where you can try it on and see if it suits you. Which makes me wonder, how on earth do you girls buy things in stores and then sell it off saying that it's not your size? Did you not try it on first?

So anyway, as I've mentioned, reader requests will now only cater to clothes bought online. I won't attend to emails wanting to sell off their offline purchases. Hope you girls understand.


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