Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Sassy Spree

They've updated with more pre-order goodies for you! Here's something different than your usual long sleeved basic. It's the basic, plus extra fabric! Okay that rhymed. This will work really well with girls with slightly wider hips. Not recommended for petites, as this will just swallow you up.

Le Mode Paradis

I've never been a fan of leggings. Unless you have legs like Gisele Bundchen, this will no way look flattering on you. In fact, it makes your legs look stockier than usual, so this is only for the extreme skinny legged girl. The only outfit combination I'd recommend with slick leggings are boots, or booties.

Dr. Pizzicato

How's this for a super hot mini to spice up that Valentine's date? Or if you don't have a date; no fear! This will look equally as good in the clubs. That zippered texture around the bustline is also something different. Now if only that zip is functional... :P

Pastel Stripes

This looks like a mish mash of florals and chiffon to me! Which btw, works very well. It can be a sundress for the petites, or a long top for the tall girls. Pair with espadrilles; my favourites sort of shoes.


Everybody needs a basic turtleneck in their wardrobe. Especially for the cold, gloomy, artsy days. Not that you'd ever meet a perfect combination like that. I'd like to wear that with a supershort grey skirt, black tights, black rimmed glasses and oxfords. Yummeh.

The Kooky Thing - Accessories

Okay, this is not something you come across in your everyday online boutique. How do I describe this; a cincher with a very medieval sort of buckle, linked together with the needle-like thingamajig. So cool! Looks good with those plain design kimonos everyone seems to be having now.

Phat Culture

Ah, now this is so cool. A retro style straight cut dress, but do take notice of the lightning bolt! That makes all the difference to an otherwise boring dress. I'd like to pair a cincher with it, but it seems like such a shame to cover up the lightning bolt design. Pair with strappy heels and a cute necklace!


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