Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Shoplifters

How often does one own a gold skirt? In a bubble style, nonetheless! So unbelievably biker chic meets Las Vegas performer. Haha! It's not often that I come across a gold skirt, so I don't exactly know what to pair it with. For now I'll go with simple and a little boring; the amazing white tank top. And a little tarnished gold jewellery. With black elastic bracelets. And silver sneakers.

Cool House

Look who's branched out and have their own men's wear online boutique! This striped polo tee is just one of the basics that every guy should have in their closet. Unlike normal tshirts, the collared tee makes a guy look more serious. Formal. Whatever pushes your buttons. Haha.

Luscious Lips

This is versatility at its best. But, it just looks like an ordinary high-waisted pinafore! That's where you're wrong. You can tie the straps halter style, or button it the normal style, or cross-backed style! You could also wear this as a tube dress, thanks to the smocked back. I like!

Dolly Kyande

I will spare you the cow jokes, but seriously, that cow design bag is the nicest of the four. Also, this gives you a break from the mainstream hobo bags!

Enchanting Hearts

Every girl needs a basic formal black skirt to go with the basic white button up shirt for that uni presentation. Quite a boring get up imo, but hey, whatever the lecturer likes. If you want to not look so boring, substitute the white button up for a formal bright coloured halter (purple, anyone?) like the one I reviewed before! (from The Chocolate Button, methinks)

The Milkyland

This babydoll top is too cute! The eyelets and light pink further enhances that already girlish feel of this top. Wearing it with a short skirt seems a little weird imo, so I think light blue jeans might do a better trick. Ballet flats to complete the look! As well as a long necklace.


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