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Clothes For Fun

Okay, this is a little backdated. There is something else I wanted to review, but it's already been sold out. Sad, but this is what happens when you're not up to date by the second. Thankfully, this gorgeous green tube top with frills is still available! The perfect accompaniment to dark jeans and heels for a fuss free dinner date with the boyfriend.

Colour Me Pretty

Surprising how a little colour difference makes two items of the same design look so different. That's the case with this skirt; the brown's all sold out and being restocked, but the black's not sold out yet. Haha. But anyway, this brown plaids skirt has some vintage action going on there. Pair it with a white polo tee and with oxfords for a simple yet nice look.

Shopping Makes Me Feel Better

There's no therapy like retail therapy, and that's why shopping makes us all feel better! Don't you feel a certain high when you manage to get your hands on a particularly gorgeous item? Take this Guess satchel for example. Love the bright and bold floral prints! Plus there are so many compartments. Lovely for a girl like me who has plenty of little knick knacks to stuff in her bag.

1 Babe Shop

Talk about sexy. You can practically go braless in this supersexy halter top because it's padded. With the collars, you can go for the hot secretary look. Okay, I should stop. I'm going to be promoting things that will oppose traditional family values. Anyway, to make this less naughty, pair it with a long skirt.

Sassy Spree

Say hello to Sassy Chic's pre-order site! This short sleeved jacket probably won't serve its purpose for warming you up, but this will be good for covering up skimpy tops. A little sheer, you can show off your skimpy top without being too revealing. Speaking of revealing, I got stopped by the uni's security guard today for wearing a mini skirt. -_-

Ancient Orchids

I've always found the off shoulder outfits to be more sexy than low cut outfits. Somehow, showing off the shoulder is more tantalising and less slutty than showing off your cleavage, don't you think? Here we have a 3/4 sleeved mini dress with a blinged strap to boot! If you find it a little too short for your liking, you could always wear tights with it. Try white! Not leggings though. You want an elegant look, not an aunty look.


I just bought a dress with a similar print from this fabulous shop called Kitschen for the CNY! So it's quite natural that I find this to my liking as well. I've been seeing this flower design like, everywhere. You could wear a tube inside if you're not one to show off cleavage. Since this is a white dress with minimal colours, experiment with different tube colours other than black!

Bows Lover

This babydoll tank is so basic that I love it. Empire waistlines are always handy to cover up that slightly bulging tummy after a heavy meal (though doctors have warned us to not eat a too heavy meal). Plus it's so basic and plain, a nonbasic bottom is called for! This top might go well with that gingham skinnies you've been dying to wear. If you're petite enough, this top might even pass off as a supershort dress, so you can wear coloured or patterned tights.


Ballet flats for the days when your legs feel like they can't take heels no more. It comes in dusty pink too, a colour I can't believe anyone would hate. Well, at least, I think it's dusty pink. Pair with a sundress! Basically this can go with any outfit, except for maxi dresses.


I cannot believe why the owner wants to sell off this gorgeous tank top! I can just imagine this paired with dark wash jeans and gladiator heels. Fierce.

Oriental Sparkles

If chunky stainless steel rings aren't to your taste, will a clay flower ring suit you more? This wire twisted ring is definitely one of a kind. If there's a pink flower, it'll be even more awesome! Then we can make a necklace, a barette, and make it an entire set. Ha.

Midnight Glam

If you haven't gotten your plaid skinnies yet, Midnight Glam is still selling 'em. I prefer this darker shade of plaids, cause they look more preppy imo. Pair it with the babydoll tank top I mentioned above!

JP Beads

This, my readers, is an awesome creation. Purse hooks! A rubber grip comes attached behind the cute flower design you see, and there are hooks that can be extended which you can't see in the picture. How does this work, you ask? Go see the site for a graphic explanation. Haha! I think I explained it a little wrongly before this edit.


This is yet another backdated item. This awesome tshirt comes in black too, but it's sold out. It's so monochromatic that it just screams for you to pair it with a pair of fiery red shorts, or a bright orange pinafore, or green get my drift.

Like Seriously

Seriously, where do they get their clothes?? They're all so awesome. My most favourite out of the chapter is this sheer long top with an awesome back. I would recommend wearing something underneath it though. This combination with shorts and a green tube underneath is quite fetching. Amazing how I like the cream colour more than the white one though. Perhaps it's because the cream one looks more vintage!


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