Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This is going to be yet another backdated post. Full of clothes which came out like days ago (aeons in internet world) and probably already sold out. I actually got all the pictures here but didn't get around to writing a review for it. I blame laziness and procrastination.

Style Me Hot

A bit of chiffon, a bit of roses, and a lot of girlishness. Imo, I think this will be quite the nice choice of wear on a Vday outing during the daytime. Do wear boyshorts for your underwear, cause that material looks very lightweight. You wouldn't want to accidentally flash your date when a gust of wind sweeps by!


There are the rounder iron wrought bird cages I've reviewed, and then there are the creepy, bent looking ones like this! A little morbid looking, but it's just the accessory to wear with black statement tees and distressed denim with sneakers.

Topsy Turvee

Introducing the double breasted blazer! Yeah so we've seen a lot of blazers with nautical gold buttons, but bet you haven't seen double breasted ones! If you noticed, double breasted blazers tend to look even more formal than your regular blazers. I think I should stop using the word double breasted. It's starting to sound a little vulgar. Anyways, I think if you pair this double breasted blazer (here I go again!) with a denim miniskirt and high heels with a knit beanie, it might be a good look.

Fashion Lover

Swap your woven belts for something with a little more design. You can start with this floral and swirls belt! Totally girly, and totally different. I don't think I've even seen this kind of design around, so be the first to start the trend!

My Clothes Affair

If you've tried black tights and moved on to patterned tights, then it's time for you to try patterned and glittery tights! This red plaid tights reminds me so much of a schoolgirl skirt, so please don't pair the two together. An LBD would be okay though. Just not the overly embellished ones!

Branded Items Spree

Time to pay respect to the mother of women superheroes. We've had tshirts emblazoned with the Superman logo, Batman and whatnot, so let's have Wonder Woman! A little bit vintage looking, and so totally matching with light blue jeans.


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